Kalkan Turkey Destination Wedding Videography

Snezhana and Ilya are a couple from Russia who had a destination wedding in Turkey. They chose Kalkan, one of Turkey’s hidden paradises, as their wedding venue. Kalkan is a port village and an important tourism center on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast between Fethiye and Kaş. The whitewashed houses and colorful bougainvillea on the hillside with magnificent Aegean views are worth seeing. This is a place where the sun is seen on average 300 days a year. You can find the entire story of “Kalkan Turkey Destination Wedding Videography” at the bottom of the page…

PS: The photos were captured from the video.

Dear Snezhana and Ilya had also rented one of the hillside villas. They would both vacation with their friends and get married here. This was one of the hillside houses with a swimming pool and a magnificent view. We started the day with the preparations of the bride and groom in separate rooms in the morning. On the one hand, champagne was bursting, dancing was being done and everyone was having a great time. By the way, upon her request, we made a focused shoot on Snezhana before the wedding dress was worn during the preparation. We did a photoshot on the balcony of the room, which overlooks the magnificent sea view and the pool. Meanwhile the couple’s baby was also with us and he was watching all the things happening with pleasure.

First Look

After her two friends dressed the bride, it was time for the first meeting. However, it was not that easy. Ilya had to be successful in many games organized by his friends and solve puzzles. It is difficult to describe these pleasant moments, it is best to watch them on video. Then our couple came together on the stairs of the stone house. Afterwards, we shot the couple and the group of guests at Patara Ancient City The second outdoor attraction was the cliffs on the beach.

The wedding was at sunset. The couple walked to the area in front of the tag installed on the green area by the pool. A group of 9 guests took their places. Then they performed the vows and ring ceremonies. In our backdrop, the magnificent Aegean sea was a ceremony filled with wonderful people and romantic moments. The drone footage here was also very effective in my opinion.

Afterwards, dinner and speeches of the guests started. After dinner, the couple had a lovely first dance. After that, the fun started quickly. Because suddenly a belly dancer entered the stage. All the guests were now on the stage. Everyone showed their skills in front of the belly dancer. Cake cutting was also a lot of fun. In these moments, the couple stuck a piece of cake on each other’s faces. After throwing flowers, it was time for the whole group and couple to hold hands and jump into the pool. These were really fun moments. The party continued at the pool.

We had a very enjoyable day as Story Films with Snezhana and Ilya. Of course, the magical atmosphere of Kalkan contributed a lot to this. I wish them endless happiness.

Kalkan Turkey Destination Wedding Videography by Ufuk Sarisen


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