Wedding Photography Workshop

Wedding Photography Workshop

My Dear Colleague,

Have you had enough of shooting the same poses over and over? Do you feel like your photos are good enough, but you are not getting the credit you deserve? Are you seeking to find your voice? Are you lost in the world of wedding photography, especially if you are a beginner?

These questions can pile up. I know because I have asked myself similar questions during my career. Believe me, most wedding photographers, no matter how well-known they are, have similar questions. To overcome these problems and go up to another level, we should keep learning. We all need the right kind of information that will be genuinely useful.

To help out fellow photographers, I am sharing my expertise, all the things I know and have learned for many years. If you want to join my workshops, please check out the options below. Just fill in the contact form, and I will share all the details with you. Also, feel free to join my 
Facebook workshop group and stay tuned!

Online Mentoring

2 Hours review of your portfolio, website and social media presence. If you want to learn from the comfort of your own home, this option is the best one for you.

Online Personal Critiques

2 Hours critique of your online your portfolio, or a full wedding work you have done. Are you ready to take your work to the next level?

One on One Workshop

One full day of personal workshop. You’ll be welcomed to my office in Izmir. The workshop will have a focus on shooting tips and techniques, composition, the use of light and capturing the moment. We will also be reviewing your portfolio, website and social media presence.

Master Class Workshop

2 days of wedding photography workshop with minimum of 5, and maximum of 10 participants. The first day, we’ll focus on shooting tips and techniques, composition, the use of light and capturing the moment. On the next day, we’ll take a closer look at each participant’s individual work by practicing in the field and doing a portfolio review. We will be working with each participant individually to help everyone discover the areas that need improving. While we revise a participant’s portfolio, the others will be able to join in and benefit from the discussions. This workshop is specifically designed for wedding photographers, however it’s a prerequisite to have basic photography knowledge and expertise. We will decide on a date and location together with the attendees. For pre-registration or to get more information, please fill in the contact form below.

Wedding Photography Workshop Contact Form

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