Wedding Photos

Wedding photography is perhaps the most difficult of all the branches of photography. There are many factors involved such as the weather, lighting and no matter what the conditions you have to capture a good shot. Sometimes you have one moment only to capture a picture of the most important event in a couple’s life. In this respect, your wedding photographer has to be creative, fast and accurate, with quick decision making. Technical mistakes must not be made and this is prevented by using the most suitable equipment. We often hold workshops for photographers to help teach them all aspects of photography to help them take the perfect shot. When choosing a photographer you must select one with the right experience as the day is very important for the couple.

Wedding Documentary 

In the morning the day starts with a preparatory phase consisting of natural photographs inside and outdoors. Shooting styles and scenes can be made at the request of the couple and forms an important part of the planning. The day before the shoot a study is conducted which aims to evaluate the optimal way of capturing the day.  Despite all the planning spontaneous photographs can sometimes provide the best results. Our aim is for you to have a happy and pleasant day with no stress, because after all this is your wedding day!

Concept: We will work to accommodate your needs and as such we can shoot your story on a separate day at the same or alternative venue. Even Thrash The Dress – where the concept is to capture the results in an unusual and fun way. Not just at the location of the wedding but anywhere in the world!

All the wedding photos will be delivered in a high-definition digital format. At the same time your panoramic wedding album will be prepared along with extra copies.

Wedding Photographer Ufuk Sarisen