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When we ask ourselves  what are the most important “moments” of my life, the answer “wedding day” is usually at the top of the list. The fact that a couple trusts me to photograph these moments makes me very excited every time. You are creating images which will perhaps for the coming 50-100 years be inherited by your grandchildren. This responsibility brings along your duty to work hard and to shoot wonderful photos for the couple.
You don’t have the luxury of missing a moment whether considered as  important or insignificant, because every moment is for sure valuable. For this reason, besides creating the story of that day, I am trying to make portraits that will be a memory for you.”

Hello! I am a wedding photographer who lives in Istanbul and Izmir but can shoot anywhere in the world. I guess that having the flexibility of traveling also stems from the fact that; I am a travel and documentary photographer. I have worked in photography committee of travel, geography and culture magazine Atlas which is published in Turkey and Europe for a long time and I have photographed and written my themes.  Apart from that, I also worked for a while as a photo editor for Skylife magazine. I took photos for many magazines and newspapers. I did editorial shootings for numerous magazines and newspapers. I think these different fields that I came to grips with in past enabled me to look at wedding photography from different angles. In addition to documentary photography, I am trying to transfer other disciplines to wedding photography.

Despite having a bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering from Istanbul University and Bogazici University, I decided to turn my hobby into a career. I started to work as a documentary photographer.  It was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  I am still attending in various countries workshops of the best photographers in the world. I convey to wedding photographers the information I have learnt  through my workshops.

I was the first Turkish photographer which was invited as a speaker to the Fearless Photographers Conference (Aachen, Germany -2019), a conference attended by the world’s best wedding photographers.

I have photographed weddings in 22 different countries and in many different cities of Turkey and I have met hundreds of wonderful people.

For me, wedding photography is something more than just work, it is
as a project that has no beginning or end. It is my passion to document all the moments of that day in an aesthetic and best way. I think the best part of my job is to remind the memories of these emotional or entertaining moments which are irreversible and to them happy throughout the whole process.

I am a member of many international wedding photography organizations and if you are interested in the international ranking:

  • I’m in the Top 50 of Fearless Photographers’ Best International Photographers’s list.
  • According to the Wedding Photojournalist Association, I am among the Top 30 Documentary Photographers in Europe.
  • According to Mywed, ISPWP, Fearless Photographers and WPJA, I am the Best Photographer of Turkey

You can also find my website and Google reviews about my works below the links:


  1. Since 2012, my husband and I have engaged photographers on our vacations to commemorate our trips. When we decided to go to Istanbul in September 2014, we knew it was a city that needed to be captured professionally. Ufuk was a pleasure to work with and the pictures turned out amazing! He captured some great candid moments between my husband and I that still makes me smile every time I look at the pictures. When our travels take us back to Turkey, we will definitely do another photo session with Ufuk. Thanks for the great pictures Ufuk!

  2. Ufuk gave us exactly what we envisioned our wedding pictures would look like. We met him first time on the day of the wedding, and immediately warmed up to him. He is kind, friendly, and he really cares about what the couple wants. He is extremely professional, and has fun while taking pictures, which also reflected onto us. We also did a separate day of shooting by the sea, much more relaxed and without pressure and got to know him a little more. That was a lot of fun! He is flexible, interested in trying different styles to fit your desires. Most importantly, he managed to capture our love and happiness in the pictures, with our natural smiles and without the stress of the wedding. Our wedding album, and video look absolutely amazing, and we couldn’t ask for a better experience. Every time we look at our pictures, or watch our video, we live those amazing moments again, so we cannot thank Ufuk and his team enough for immortalizing our most special day. Come visit us sometime in Madrid, and thanks again for everything.. Kisses, Ozge and Karsten

    1. and forgot to mention that thanks to Ufuk, our pictures ended up in Cosmopolitan Bride magazine, which is an amazing memory to show our kids in the future 🙂

  3. Ufuk is the name if you want to make your wedding day even more memorable than you could ever imagine. Ufuk really knows what he is doing but perhaps more important than that, he visibly enjoys what he does; he is kind, helpful, positive, accommodating and incredibly easy to work with. The very first moment we came together to discuss the specifics, he felt more like a friend loaded with good advice than a stranger with a packaged protocol; this made it very easy for us to skip all the other options we had at the time and stick with Ufuk all the way. The trick to Ufuk’s work is that he genuinely engages with his clients, puts effort into understanding what their expectations are and gets to know them as much as he can till the big day arrives. Seeing Ufuk and his team around us during the preps took the weight of those moments off our shoulders big time. They work with a distinct type of smoothness and professionalism that deserves admiration. Looking back at all those beautiful pictures takes us back to the minutes and hours we never want to forget, and the memories come with a special kind of air that Ufuk beautifully crafted for us. We recommend no other person than Ufuk if you are looking not only for a photographer but also an artist and a brilliant friend whatever the occasion may be.. Cheers and much love Ufuk, keep rocking it!

  4. We were looking for a wedding photographer and videographer for our wedding near Munich in Germany. Our dear friend Kem recommended Ufuk and his team as he had made a great experience with his services already.
    We also decided to work with Ufuk and it was the best decision we could make. The work is really professional. He took pictures at the wedding ceremony and the party and a separate shooting in the nature just the two of us. The result is really stunning. Professional work with beautiful pictures and amazing video that caught all important moments and saved them forever!
    Thank you so much for being there and working with us

    Pili & Chris

  5. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer than Ufuk. He is a very friendly and accommodating person to work with. His professionalism is unwavering. Not only did he captured our happy moments in the best light, he also gave us an introduction into the culture of Turkey. We are very satisfied with his service and the photos turned out to be exceptionally beautiful! His attention to details, lighting, colors and the surrounding is just amazing. We are incredibly lucky to have met Ufuk and his beautiful wife, and this pre-wedding photoshoot has definitely made our trip to Turkey delightful and extra memorable. Teşekkürler!

    – Gwen and Kokyee from Singapore

  6. Planing a wedding is a hard thing to do especially if you are planning get married abroad. We are a couple who lives London but my husband and I are always wanted to get married back at home where we grew up.

    And as a couple first thing we wanted to make sure that we have a brilliant wedding photographer. it was so important for us because we knew that the photos will be the only memory we’ll have from our wedding. When we looked back we didn’t want to fell sorry about our wedding photos.

    So we did a really long searches and lots of emails with lots of different photographers and when we find Ufuk’s web site I was almost sure we were going to go further with him. But I wanted to make sure his albums are as good as his web site so on Christmas holiday we went to Istanbul and arranged meeting with him at his office.

    As soon as we went his office we saw how professional he is. He was very friendly and welcoming. Also very professional and formal which I liked the most about him ( because some photographer we met earlier were a bit too relaxed and informal ) anyway he was listening us carefully and trying to help as much as possible. We were a bit confused in some ways and he was really good for finding a good solutions for our situation.
    Photo albums were really good quality as well. Albums pages has got good design and good size.
    When we left his office we were definitely sure he was the perfect person for our wedding photos and we can trust him for 100%.

    Back at London communication with whim was very easy as well. He was always replying our email with in a short time, we were also able to contact him through Skype and WhatsApp. Couple of days before the wedding day we met with him once more to go through everything.


    His team and him self kept every thing under control. They started very early morning until late evening but always positive and understanding. We had a Bosporus tour and went to Prince Islands and believe me in the middle of August walking up to hill with all those equipment it’s not an easy job!! ( especially the guy who was doing a videography I still feel sorry for him 🙂 )

    We’ve only seen couple of pictures so far because we had to back to London after honeymoon but we are going to Istanbul in December and CAN’T WAIT TO SEE all photos and the video.
    We know they are going to be AMAZING.


    Thank you very much !

    Ps: looking forward to see you in December!

    Lots of love
    Umran and Haci

    1. waouww what a comment even more then comment I went those days with your words. Thanks a lot dear Umran and Haci. I hope you will be happy with your prints, ı am looking forward to meet you again. And yes you are right he probably lost at least 2 kilograms at the island’s hills:) good for him…

  7. What an amazing Istanbul, Bosphorus experience!

    I will forever have great memories of my wedding day of course; however, to have such beautiful photos for my family and future kids to see is something else. And I have UFUK to thank for this outcome.

    Simply put, Ufuk and his team are professionals and very personable group of guys. Creative pictures are something you need in wedding occasions – As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    I only have to add: Ufuk’s pictures are worth a million words!

    Thank you Ufuk…

  8. I was looking for a photographer for our wedding that was going to take place in Kalkan.I was so lucky to find Ufuk and after talking to him he was willing to fly to Kalkan and be part of our special day. We had the pleasure to work with him and see his talent at our wedding back in 2013. What an experience and what a day. Ufuk was extremely professional and super duper talented. We loved our pictures and we loved working with him. I can’t recommend him enough 🙂

    Thank you so much Ufuk it was a pleasure meeting you and working with you!

    Here is a sneak peak and pictures from our big day http://www.minimecity.com/a-sneak-peek-into-the-owners-wedding/#.Vks3-mSrR1M

    Thanks again!


  9. I could not have imagined my wedding pictures to look any better than they do now. They are absolutely beautiful and Ufuk and his team really understood and captured what we had imagined. Myself and most of our bridal party do not speak Turkish but he was able to walk us through the whole process in English and made everybody feel comfortable.

    The pictures are really a dream come true. Thank you so much for these amazing memories!!!

  10. Our wedding took place at D-Hotel Maris in the beginning of September 2015.
    We were searching for a person who could capture our most important moments and can take everything possible from the scenery of this location.
    Ufuk’s works presented on his web-page showed that we have the same vision of what should be the end-result.
    Well, at the end we are really happy about the fact that we took that decision and invited Ufuk.

    I am going to be short:
    1. Ufuk is extremely professional, we are 100% satisfied with the result.
    2. He and his team are very nice and hard working people.
    3. We do definitely recommend him for any type of event.

    Ufuk, it was great to meet you! Thank you!

    Moscow, Russia

  11. Ufuk captured my travels to Istanbul for the very first time. We spent the day visiting the major sights to see around town. Ufuk is not only a great photographer but a really nice man. The memories of my time in Istanbul will always remain vivid in my mind because I have wonderful images to remind me of my time there. I plan to work with Ufuk on another photo collaboration sometime in the future. He’s a great photographer who understands how to capture candid moments and gorgeous natural light.

  12. We found Ufuk by an internet search for a “trash-the-dress” photographer.
    We,ve been impressed of the pictures shown on this website and fell in love with the chosen locations and scenery.
    After some E-Mails and a video call the decission was made. So we’ve met the really nice guy personal in Instanbul for a shooting on Princes’ Islands. He supported every “funny” idea we discussed before and suggested a lot of incredible places and situations for a lot of remarkable memories of our special day. We,ve been on trees, streets, stairs, vehicles, together with children and animals, at the beach and finally in the water! The digital images we received afterwards are great and very professional. It was a wonderful day and a great experience together with Ufuk.

  13. We just wanted to write a comment to express how happy and thankful we are that we chose Ufuk amd his team to do our photography and videography for our destination wedding in Oludeniz. We were recommended Ufuk by a lady who I met on a Facebook group fo our wedding package company. We were a little nervous as we knew we would not meet him until our wedding day. It was the best decision we made for out wedding. Ufuk always kept in communication and reassured us every step of the way.. answering many questions amd talking to us on Skype.

    On the wedding day Ufuk and his wonderful team were brilliant. His wife was taking photographs too and I loved her company and calming presence. The whole team were so professional and had everything under control and I had no worries on the day and felt very relaxed.

    We have just seen our wedding video and shared with family. It captured every moment and emotion beautifully and brought tears to so many people’s eyes.. Even those that hadn’t been able to make the wedding day. The footage is choreographed beautifully to the music and it has captured not only the whole day into 7 minutes. . But it also reflects ou relationship.. All the laughter. . Smiles.. glances and showing all our sides of being best friends, a bride a mother and a groom And a father . And also our friends and family.

    The video and photos are something we are going to truly treasure for the rest of our lives. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful team to be with us on our wedding day. Ufuk and his team will always hold a special place in our hearts for the service they gave us and I hope one day we can book them for our son’s wedding (no retirement for you guys sorry!)

    Thank you again so much Ufuk. You amd yor team are the most talented people I know in your field and I hope we meet again.

    Amanda, Dean and Baby Alby

    1. Dear Alby, I will try to be with you in your wedding day if I can still take photos (maybe my robots can do it, who knows:).
      Dear Amanda and Dean, thanks ytour kind words, you were really special couple and we will never forget you.

  14. We all do a lot to arame a perfect wedding to out mind and taste of course… I just learnt this when I was doing all the arrangement for my wedding. It is hard and stressful and takes you through a lot. But all the arrangements aside there is one and only one single decision / selection that you have to make which is the most important one! That’s choosing your photographer and videographer.
    Everything from your wedding will be forgotten! The taste of the food, good or bad will be passed! The colour of your flowers, the design, etc., good or bad will be forgotten. But photos and videos are the only thing that you will have for rest of your life as a single piece of memory from the most important day of your life.
    We planned our destination wedding in Turkey with absolutely no knowledge from the local places and services. My wife and I looked to find a photographer for a long time and we checked the sample works of many people in Turkey and even some other close countries.
    The minute I saw sample works of Ufuk I loved it and I said to my partner that this is what we want.
    I can’t explain how satisfied and happy we are with the choice we made.
    In the wedding day we couldn’t be happier when we met him and his team. A happy team with great attitude made us so comfortable and natural. Soon he and his team became us and we were so comfortable.
    One thing I very much liked about his was the fact that he didn’t try to keep directing us to do fake postures for the sake of fake photos. With a bit of direction he left us be ourselves and record what we were and how we were feeling in every moment.
    We just saw 7000 raw photos and we very much liked them.
    We can’t wait to see the final wedding photos and we are counting days as we know they are just great.
    Thanks again dear Ufuk for being an important part of our big day!

  15. I completely fell in love with Ufuk’s photography from the moment I first saw it on his site as well as with his personality. It was a great pleasure to e-meet Ufuk and to go through the shoot-planning, as he is super professional and makes everything very easy – provides details, answers immediately and leaves no space for any concerns.

    The shoot itself was one of the most romantic things I have ever done in my life and it even felt that the pictures themselves come as a bonus 🙂 it was fun, easy, romantic and Ufuk created the process in a way that we were just having fun, enjoying ourselves and were just living our life in front of his camera. The pictures that we received much earlier than we could even expect were incredible and almost made me to believe that Ufuk is a magician as this photography captured everything and more – all emotions, light, beauty of the morning, Istanbul spirit- the moments that you normally don’t even see in a life routine.

    Ufuk is a genius photographer and a very gifted person and I am happy in advance for all the couples who will have him on their weddings as we definitely will see Ufuk again at our future events to celebrate life together and have great memories of it captured by a Genius!

  16. Ufuk! We could not be happier with our wedding pictures and video – you did such an amazing job capturing our wedding (and the rest of the day)! The photos and video were both full of so many sweet moments. It’s been really wonderful to be able to re-live that day. You and your team were so much fun to have at the wedding – thanks so much for everything!!

  17. For the international audience- Ufuk is a great artist with a magnificent personality, though we met him first time personally on the wedding day it felt like we have known him forever, thus we were really relaxed and could be ourselves throughout the whole photoshoot =) Thank you Ufuk!!!
    Dostum en guzel gunumuzu senin gozunden olumsuzlestirdigimiz icin cok mutluyuz:) Birlikte calismaktan cok birlikte eglenmek gibi oldu bizim icin, yanimizda hem arkadasimiz hem fotografcimizdin, tekrar cok tesekkurler harika fotograflarin icin.

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