Esma Sultan Yalisi – A Jewish Wedding in Istanbul

Istanbul Wedding of our Guests from England, Isabella and Igal

Igal’s family is originally from Burgaz – Princes Island but he moved to England for his education. His parents still live in Turkey. Igal and Isabella met in England. They had a yacht tour from Bosphorus to Burgaz Island before the wedding. It was a wonderful boat party and all of their closest friends from England and America were there. We went swimming on the Princes’ Islands and had our lunch at famous Kalpazankaya on Burgaz Island. Then we had a walk on the island. You can find the entire story of “Jewish Wedding in Istanbul” at the bottom of the page…

We began wedding videography on the day in the preparation room and we had a blast with Isabella and bridesmaids. After the preparations, the wedding ceremony which was accordant with the traditional Jewish wedding rituals commenced. The male guests and the groom were wearing yarmulkes and the wedding ceremony took place under a huppah (a canopy surrounded by posts) and all details and rituals of a Jewish wedding have been complied.

These are very sentimental moments for Jewish people. But the wedding party (Hora) is similarly exhilarated and entertaining. All guests are overwhelmed. What impressed me most was lifting up the bride and groom while sitting on chairs by the guests. The crowd then passed them from hand to hand. This is also a rather entertaining tradition. We really enjoy shooting a traditional Jewish wedding because they are very emotional and visually wonderful.

Dear Isabella and Igal know how to have fun and we are happy to be a part of their wedding.

Jewish Wedding in Istanbul by Ufuk Sarisen


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