Wedding Photos Cairo Four Seasons Hotel

This time, we had a wedding journey with our Turkish couple, starting from Cairo and extending to Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada. It was a trip that lasted approximately 7 days, including transportation. My videography partner Gökhan and our friend Sezgin, who is an expert on Egypt, were also with us. You can find the rest of the article “Wedding Photos Cairo Four Seasons Hotel” below the photos…

In fact, this shooting also involved doing a long preliminary work beforehand. It was necessary to think about many items at the same time. First, we drew the route. Then we determined the places to visit and the duration of the shooting. We arranged hair and make-up artists for each shooting location. Transfers and guidance services have become clear. On the other hand, I arranged all accommodation and flights. In this regard, Mohammed from Egypt Royal Tours supported us throughout the entire trip except Hurghada. We met Mohammed at a previous Cairo wedding. He was very reliable and did his job right. Our couple stayed in Cairo for 3 nights and we stayed for 2 nights.


On the first day, preparations began at the Cairo Four Seasons Hotel at NilePlaza, where we stayed. For this reason, my friend Maggie, a wedding planner from Cairo whom I had known before, decorated the preparation room in the morning. Then hair and make-up were done. We also took detail shots in the room and a short couple shot. This room had a wonderful view of the Nile river and Cairo and we gladly used it. Before the wedding ceremony, we took a short photo shoot against the background of the Giza pyramids on the terrace of Hayat Pyramids View Hotel, with the organization of our guide Mohammed. Our next stop was the Egyptian Turkish Embassy Residence. The marriage was solemnized here by the ambassador himself. The residence where the Ambassador and his family live is truly a very special and historical building. It was also a privilege for us to have the chance to shoot.


The next morning, we took a very early flight from Cairo to Aswan. We checked into the Mövenpick Aswan hotel, located on the Elephantine island on the Nile river in Aswan. After a short rest, hair and make-up started in the room. Towards noon, we boarded the boat from the hotel with our guide and set out towards the temple on Philae island. The construction of the Temple of Philae started in the 7th century BC. This is a magnificent temple complex that is considered sacred for the Nubians, Egyptians, Romans and Christians. The temple was saved from being flooded by being moved to the island of Philae at the beginning of the 20th century after the construction of the Aswan dam. Then, it opened its doors to visitors in 1980. We took a quick temple tour here and went to our next stop, visiting one of the Nubian villages.


Nubians are found in southern Egypt, especially around Aswan and in the northern Sudan region. This historical region, which is older than Egypt and lies along the Nile valley, is called Nubia. Nubians are an indigenous black ethnic group who speak Nilotic Sahrawi languages. We visited a village belonging to people who maintain this traditional lifestyle. This was a riverside village consisting of colorfully painted adobe houses. We visited a historical house arranged by our guide. Additionally, a symbolic wedding ceremony and entertainment was organized for the couple with the music band that welcomed us.

Luxor and Hurghada

Our second stop the next morning was the city of Luxor. Here we visited the temples of Karnak and Luxor. They are truly magnificent places, but you definitely need to allocate more time to explore them thoroughly. We arrived in Hurghada late in the evening. We stayed at the Xanadu Makadi Bay Hurghada Hotel, where I had been for holiday before. This is a hotel that I like very much, both the food and the services are quite good. We couldn’t shoot in the last three days of our trip because our couple was struggling with illness and fatigue, so they wanted to rest.

Overall, it was a good experience for us. We have good routes and plans for our next couples. See you in a new Egyptian adventure.

Wedding Photos Cairo Four Seasons Hotel by Ufuk Sarisen


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