Wedding in Kadıkoy Istanbul

With Burcu and Mustafa

Dear Mustafa sent me an e-mail regarding photo shooting at their wedding and the mail started as follows: “We need a supporter who is master of his domain, who has a wonderful vision and who can immortalize what he sees to shoot the photographs. We will keep as memories of those days forever prior to that special day we will put our signatures under the document to get married next month. My investigation in this respect referred me to you.”

You can read the whole story at the bottom of the page (after the photos)…

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The mail continued in the same naive manner till the end. After reading these lines, I’ve made up my mind: I had to photograph Mustafa’s wedding and we have shaken hands in a few days. When I met with Burcu, I knew that she was as wonderful a person as Mustafa. Their positive attitudes made the shooting joyous and productive.

Wedding Day

On the wedding day, we went to Adile Sultan Pavilion for photo session between the wedding preparations and taking the bride form her home. I have been wedding documentaries for so many years but interesting enough, I was here for the first time. It is a very pleasant place in terms of photography but also includes danger of being a cliche. I’ve tried to avoid it as far as possible and shoot without taking the easy way out and falling under the spell of the background.

Before I finish this writing, I would like to add another sentence that Burcu and Mustafa wrote after the wedding: “You now have two more friends in Istanbul whom you can visit any time you want…Burcu & Mustafa”. I wish you a healthy, peaceful and happy life together.

Wedding in Kadıkoy Istanbul by Ufuk Sarisen


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