Urla Wedding Photography

Hi there! I’m the photographer who captured the wonderful moments of Maral and Marcel’s special day. Let me share the beautiful story with you! You can read the whole story about the “Urla Wedding Photography” below the pictures…

Maral, a lovely girl from Iran, decided to marry Marcel in Turkey. Her parents live in Shiraz, but Maral was in the Netherlands with her brother. They chose Turkey because Iranians like Maral can travel there easily without needing a visa.

When they contacted me for a photo shoot, I suggested Izmir instead of Istanbul for the wedding. Why? Because they wanted a summer villa, and Izmir was perfect for that! The big day was going to be a family affair with Maral’s parents, her brother, Marcel’s brother, and their two little sons.

A Lovely Villa

We kicked off the photo shoot by capturing the preparations in the cozy house they rented from AirBNB in Urla. Then, we went to the historic Ephesus Ancient Theatre for some stunning shots. After that, we did a quick photo session in Urla by the sea.

The main event took place in the garden of the rented house. Maral and Marcel exchanged vows, and then came the fun part – cutting the pata (like a special wedding cake), enjoying a delicious dinner, and dancing the night away.

The celebration didn’t end there! The next day, we headed to Alaçatı for an outdoor shoot. We explored the charming village and took more amazing photos by the sea. Maral and Marcel looked so happy and in love.

And that’s the sweet story of Maral and Marcel’s wedding, filled with love, laughter, and lots of beautiful memories captured through my lens.

Urla Wedding Photography by Ufuk Sarisen


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