Topaz Istanbul Wedding Photos

Hello there! I’m excited to share the enchanting wedding story of Beril and Cenk, celebrated over two unforgettable days at Topaz Restaurant. The meticulous planning began at the restaurant, where the couple shared their vision for the two day extravaganza. Clear explanations of their plans allowed us to chart the course of the festivities. To ensure seamless coordination, we detailed both the content and services they would receive. Dive into the details of this delightful celebration in the article “Topaz Istanbul Wedding Photos” below the accompanying images…

The wedding festivities unfolded in two distinct stages. The first day was dedicated to the wedding ceremony, while the second day transformed into a lively concert and party. Joining me as the second photographer for this special occasion was my dear friend, Soven Amatya, who flew in from London to provide solid support over the two days. Meanwhile, Gökhan Çelem from the Story Film team crafted a beautiful short film documenting the wedding.

First Day

Our journey began at a unique venue, an old friend’s classic car and motorcycle themed house. This three storey marvel served as a living museum, setting the stage for Cenk’s family and friends to gather. Simultaneosly, Soven captured moments at Beril’s house, creating a vibrant tapestry of the morning. The rainy weather added a touch of drama as we embarked on a convoy to the bride’s house, acompanied by drumbeats, a zurna band, and a belly dancer an entertaining spectacle for the groom and his entourage.

Upon arriving at the bride’s house, Cenk’s entrance required playful negotiations and generous tips for the doorkeeper girls. The emotional first meeting between Beril and Cenk unfolded, followed by lively celebrations in the garden, accompanied by a spirited music band. The festivities continued at Swiss Hotel Bosphorus, with dancing, laughter, and a captivating start to the wedding celebration.

Topaz Istanbul

After the bridal preparations, the group went to Topaz Istanbul Restaurant. This place is famous for its Mediterranean food and tasty cocktails. Plus, it gives you an amazing view of Istanbul along the Bosphorus. The wedding ceremony of the couple mixed witness testimonies, dancing, and heartfelt moments. The evening was full of joy, emotions and the true spirit of Mediteranean celebrations. The first day wrapped up at 7:30 in the evening, making way for the grand second day.

Second Day

Things started again at 5:30 pm at Topaz Istanbul. Beril and Cenk joined around 8:00 pm, starting a night of fun. The guest list included many famous people from acting, sports, and music, making it an extraordinary party. There were stage performances, drumming and lively dances. Instead of the usual cake cutting, the couple went for a unique cocktail cutting ceremony, adding a creative touch to the whole spectacle. The celebration went on until the early hours of the morning, leaving everyone with unforgetable memories.

Witnessing and documenting these two incredible days was a privilege. Cenk and Beril, meeting you was a joy and I’m immensely grateful for your kind words about the photos. Cenk’s heartfelt thanks during the celebration will forever remain etched in my memory. May your journey together be filled with boundless happiness.

Topaz Istanbul Wedding Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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