The Green Park Hotel Pendik Istanbul Wedding Photos – Hande and Kamer

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Wedding of Awesome People

I have met with Hande and Kamer at a wedding in Kusadasi years ago. I suppose the hearty atmosphere of that wedding day reflected on our friendship. Upon returning to Istanbul, we have met at the first occasion and never drifted away. Kamer gave me the good news at the start of summer, they were getting married at last and inviting me to their wedding as a professional:)

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The Green Park Hotel Pendik would be hosting the wedding. We began shooting the preliminary photos in their room with view of Sea of Marmara in the morning. Then we have completed the photo shooting in the hotel and in its gigantic garden. We became exuberant and had fun in the ballroom at the marriage ceremony and wedding.

This wedding was important for me for yet another reason. It was the first wedding that I have applied the novelty I wanted to apply at my shooting technique after the wedding photography conference in Porto. You will run across the traces of this novelty in my blogposts from now on. Another technical novelty for me is the camera I use. Following this shooting I begun using Fujifilm X-Pro2 model camera and its wonderful lenses along with Canon 5d mark III except at a couple of weddings.

I wish a healthy and happy life to dear Hande and Kamer.

The Green Park Hotel Pendik Istanbul Wedding Photos by Ufuk Sarışen

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