Tegernsee Wedding Video

Irina and Alex are a couple from Germany. They saw and liked our work at Tegernsee, near Munich, where we had photo shoots before. The couple reached us to photograph their own wedding. Of course, our team was very happy of this. I hope we will visit again this wonderful Bavarian town as soon as possible.

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Beautiful Tegernsee

Tegernsee is a lake town located between the Bavarian Alps. It is located naturally quite high above sea level with a altitude of 747 m. This place is known as one of the tourism centers with the best quality in Germany and it is only 50 km away from Munich which is also a big advantage. One of the things I like the most about the place is its wonderful architecture and colorful flowers hanging from all over the houses. You feel like you are in a fairy tale while passing through the streets. The lake is also magnificent. It is a very active clean mountain lake with the boats and fisherman in the lake and the kangaroos around it.

tegernsee germany video

Wedding Day

In harmony with this magnificent view there are very luxury hotels in this area and on the mountain slopes. Das Tegernsee Hotel is one of the best of these luxury hotels. Dear Irina and Alex were also in this hotel and preparatory photo shoots were done here. Towards the evening, we went to the wedding ceremony which was held in Christuskirche Tegernsee Church, a church with its wonderful architecture and blue interior walls.

Afterwards, we went with the couple on a short tour for photo shoots around the lake. Dinner was at the Alpenbrasserie, a restaurant in the hotel. We experienced a very pleasant and enjoyable night here.

One of the best activities in Tegernsee is to go to spa centers. When you come here in winter and everywhere is covered with white snow, swimming in hot springs, looking at the Alp mountains and the lake is a wonderful experience. In summer, it is one of the most enjoyable activities to have a tour with the boats that sail in the lake and to sunbathe and freshen up in the lake. If you are interested, you can also visit the churches lined around the lake and the Tegernsee museum. Of course, trekking trails around the lake and in the forest on the slopes are also great routes for hiking.You can also get the fresh air of the Alps!

Many thanks to dear Gökhan for the video shootings and Samet for the edit work. We are grateful to Irina and Alex for choosing us. We wish our couple health and happiness for a lifetime. Yours affectionately

Note: photos are captured from the video.

Tegernsee Wedding Video Germany by Ufuk Sarisen


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