Switzerland Lausanne Wedding Photography

At the Shore of the Alps with Winnie and Fahad

Lausanne Wedding Photography : When Winnie and Fahad asked me whether I could photograph their wedding in Lausanne, I knew that I really want this job as soon as I read their e-mail. I have never been to Lausanne but I was feeling that it would be a zestful place to take photos. I believe I have transferred this energy to them when we conversed on Skype and we came to terms in a very short time. It was obvious from the eyes of the couple that I would be photographing a wonderful love story.

You can read the whole story at the bottom of the page (after the photos and video)!….

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Château d'Ouchy Hotel
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Switzerland Lausanne Wedding Photo
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Switzerland Lausanne Wedding
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Switzerland Lausanne Kenyan
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Kenyan couple
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Switzerland Lausanne Documentary Wedding Photographer
Switzerland Lausanne Documentary Wedding Photographer
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Lausanne Lake
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Lausanne Lake Wedding
Lausanne Wedding Photographer
Lausanne Lake Photographer
Lausanne Lake Wedding Photographer
Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel
Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel Wedding Shooting
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Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel Wedding
Bella C
Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel Wedding
Switzerland Lausanne Wedding Photography
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Switzerland Wedding Party Photos
Lausanne Wedding Party Photos
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Switzerland Lausanne Wedding Photography & Videography

We first went to the couple’s home in Wintenthur for photo and video shoot on wedding day. Then we met their relatives who came from Kenya and United States here and then took the road to Lausanne for the wedding. We went to the Château d’Ouchy Hotel where the preparations were made with Winnie and Fahad in Lausanne. The preparation rooms on the shorefront of Lausanne Lake were definitely providing creative opportunities for photographers. Magnificent lights, decoration and scenery enjoyed when we stare out of the windows. I have applied almost everything I know.

New Techniques:

Actually the day passed in joy. I could not stop shooting. Also I was trying new techniques and taking risks upon assurance by my friend, the second photographer. I would say that the result was not bad. We went to the church right next to the hotel for wedding ceremony after the preparations. We have witnessed a very emotional and entertaining a church wedding. Particularly the gospels performed by Flora Makaya Luvualu mesmerized everybody.

After the wedding, we completed our photo session on the Shore of Lausanne Lake and in the garden of the hotel. Then it was time to go to Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel for wedding dinner and party. The guests were really enjoying themselves with African dances and hip hop music and their exuberance contributed to the photos and video positively.

Winnie and Fahad didn’t impose us a shooting list but set us free and it really triggered our creativity. We worked hard, tried new techniques and enjoyed every moment of wedding day. When you have people around you including the guests who value what you do, you give your all to make them happy. We returned to the house we stay with almost 250 GB photo and 250 GB video data at the end of the day.

Dear Winnie and Fahad. You are a wonderful couple. You deserve the best of everything and we wish you a very happy and healthy life together.

Switzerland Lausanne Wedding Photography & Videography by Ufuk Sarisen


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