Six Senses Kocatas Mansions Wedding Photographer

When Laura and Charles from Oakland, California, approached me with their idea of getting married in a Turkish bath (hamam), I was thrilled. Their choice of Cagaloglu Hamam as the wedding venue was one of the most unique and exciting ideas I’ve come across. In essence, they planned to adorn the bath with flowers and exchange vows in an intimate ceremony with only 2 close friends invited. It was going to be a beautiful blend of elopement and wedding celebration. You can find the rest of the article “Six Senses Kocatas Mansions Wedding Photographer” under the photos…

During our initial discusions in a video conference, we realized this was going to be an unprecedented event. For this reason, as an alternative, I suggested other hamams and venues as a plan B. We even set a date. But due to concerns and reluctance from the bath officials, it posed risks for the wedding planning company and my lovely couple.

Six Senses Kocatas Mansions

Eventually, we decided on a new venue; Six Senses Kocatas Mansions. Laura and Charles wanted the space to be adorned with vibrant, colorful flowers resembling a tropical forest. So it certainly lived up to their vision. Mahlas Istanbul worked wonders here in the coffee lounge, creating an enchanting ambiance.

Especially the couple and their friends wished for a peaceful and relaxing day. To achieve this, Laura and her friend Adele indulged in the hotel’s spa in the afternoon. At the same time, Charles and his friend Marshall had their own spa experience. Later, they got ready separataly in their respective rooms, eagerly anticipating their first meeting in the hotel’s magnificent coridors, dresed in their wedding attire.

As the time for vows approached, we gathered in the lounge. All four of them delivered heartfelt speeches, filled with both joy and emotions. Then Laura and Charles exchanged their vows and rings, sealing their love in an intimate ceremony. Following the ceremony, the hotel treated them to a delightful celebration, complete with sumptuous meals and drink. As a result they all enjoyed against the stunning backdrop of the Bosphorus and surrounded by flowers.

Couple Photoshoot

Our planned short couple photoshoot extended throughout the day as we couldn’t resist capturing the beauty of the hotel and the happiness of the newlyweds. We began at the hotel entrance and by the sea and then took a long walk, ascending to the top of the hotel. Laura and Charles opted not to use the golf car on this journey which involved steep slopes and stairs. Their determination and endurance amazed me and we were all captivated by the view at the top where the pool meets the strait. It’s worth mentioning that the hotels spa is also located at this incredible vantage point.

Doubtedly, I had an incredible time with Laura and Charles who have been one of the kindest and most thoughtful couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I genuinely hope we can reunite again soon. Wishing you both endless happiness and love.

Six Senses Kocatas Mansions Wedding Photographer by Ufuk Sarisen


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