Romantic Gay Proposal Cappadocia

When Ben first approached me about capturing his marriage proposal, he had a special request. His partner, Campbell, was a renowned sportsman in New Zealand, and the photos would be featured in magazines. Aside from the fact that it was a same-sex marriage proposal and a photoshoot, I had limited information about them. However, during our meeting in Cappadocia, the day before the shoot, I discovered that Campbell was a widely recognized figure, particularly in recent times. You can find the rest of the article “Romantic Gay Proposal Cappadocia” under the photos…

Campbell, a former player for the New Zealand national rugby team, had recently come out as gay in an interview earlier that year. As the first All Black to publicly reveal his sexuality, he expressed hope that his announcement would assist others in overcoming public pressures and stigmas. You can watch part of Campbell’s interview here:

On the morning of the shoot, I picked up the couple from the Sato Cave Hotel, where they were staying, and we drove past the balloon take-off area. Frankly, Ben and Campbell seemed quite nervous as the shoot began. The backdrop featured hot air balloons floating in the pre-dawn darkness. I reassured them, saying, ‘Take a moment to soak in the romantic ambiance of this beautiful valley. You’re in a safe place, so forget about the camera and simply be yourselves.’ I recall using phrases along those lines. Remarkably, they quickly eased into the experience and our day together became incredibly enjoyable. They posed beautifully and I had the opportunity to capture candid moments. We followed a stunning route, engaged in lively conversations, took numerous cofee breaks and concluded with cocktails in Göreme.

Moments of the Marriage Proposal

Capturing Campbell’s marriage proposal to Ben at the balloon takeoff point in the morning was a delightful experience. We created a multitude of fun and romantic photos right afterward. Subsequently, we visited Çavuşin, Dervent, Paşabağları, Kızılvadı Panorama Hill and Kılıçlar Valley, respectively. Photographing two men was comfortable for me; there were no concerns about high heels or certain poses being unfeasible. Instead I found myself trying to keep up with their brisk pace. This led us to explore new locations, climb previously uncharted hills and rocks and yielded extraordnary shots.

Campbell, Ben and I spent approximately seven hours together during the shoot, and I can confidently say that it was an unforgettable experience. I also incorporated drone photography into the session. As an additional gesture, I prepared a brief two-minute video for them, which you can view here:

Following the shoot, Ben shared links to the photos featured in magazines and sent me printed copies of the publications.

This was a tremendously enjoyable and photographic session. I’m thrilled to have met you, dear Ben and Campbell and I wish you boundless happiness. I look forward to seeing you at your wedding 🙂

Romantic Gay Proposal Cappadocia by Ufuk Sarisen


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