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From Lucerne to Sapanca with Merve and Serkan

We first conversed with dear Merve and Serkan via Skype for their wedding to take place in Sapanca and we came to terms. When I went to Switzerland for a wedding shooting in Lausanne later on, we met in Zurich to talk about the details. Our conversation continued while we were having our coffees and we decided to shoot their wedding in Lucerne first before going to Sapanca. It was fortunate for me to decide so because it was really a privilege for me to shoot photos in this splendid city.

Lucerne is really one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. It is an epic city established around the Alps, Lake Lucerne and Reuss River. We met with Merve and Serkan in the morning of shooting day and went to lakeside. Merve and Serkan made a wonderful discovery here: A recently deserted English school and its garden. It was not possible for us to leave this place on the lakeside with the view of the Alps and go somewhere else. We shot as much as we wanted and directly went to the wedding ceremony. We joined to the wedding reception after the ceremony.

Then we continued our Lucerne wedding photos tour in downtown till dark. We visited the old city center, historic castles, towers and slopes with mountain views. I enjoyed spending time with both Merve and Serkan very much. The couple surprised me then and we had a dinner at a Lebanese restaurant. I will never forget their gesture on their wedding day.

Sapanca Wedding Day

We met again in Istanbul 15 days later. After the preparations in Merve’s house, we went to RichmondNua Wellness-Spa Hotel in Sapanca and shot some photos on the lakeside. Sapanca’s nature resembles the nature of Lake Lucerne. So our exterior shooting didn’t last long and we hit the road to go to the wedding venue. We had another exuberant wedding night here with guests from Turkey.

Thank you for everything dear Merve and Serkan. I am very happy to know you. I wish you happiness and hope to see you again.

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Lucerne Wedding Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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