Istanbul Swissotel Wedding Photos

Wedding of Wedding Photographers: Sule and Kerem

Istanbul Swissotel Wedding Photos : Sule and Kerem are wedding photographers. I didn’t know them before our talk about wedding photo shooting. When they visited my studio to talk about their wedding photos, we mostly conversed about wedding photography instead of their wedding. It was very flattering for me that they have chosen me for their wedding in Turkey.

Istanbul Swissotel where the wedding will take place is really an ideal venue to shoot wedding photos. The largeness and view of the suit where the preparations were made motivates the photographer to shoot. We performed a joyful wedding shooting with wonderful people again. As we talk the same language by profession, they never interfered during the shooting and I had the opportunity to execute my own style, in my own way.

I wish you endless happiness dear Sule and Kerem and thank you!

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Istanbul Swissotel Wedding Photos by Ufuk Sarışen


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