Istanbul Indian Couple Wedding Anniversary Photos

Leena and Subhash, a couple originally from India now living in New Jersey, USA, chose Istanbul to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They were joined by their children, relatives and friends for a three day celebration filled with the vibrant traditions of Sangeet, a traditional Indian dance event. Below the photos, you can find more details about the “Istanbul Indian Couple Wedding Anniversary Photos.”

The special day, named the “Silver Sangeet” to mark their 25th anniversary, started at Kabatas pier. We, along with Gökhan from Story Films, eagerly awaited the arrival of all the guests. The journey to Buyukada began as we boarded the boat for the celebration. Guests, wearing dark blue Istanbul t-shirts, added to the excitement. The two hour boat ride alowed everyone to connect and socialize.

Our first stop on the island was the famous fish restaurant By Sükrü, where we shared a delightful meal with all the guests. Then, we took electric buses to Buyukada Hotel Triada. After guests settled into their rooms, we explored the island leisurely for about four hours until evening. Once the couple and guests were ready, we took couple and group photos in the enchanting garden of Triada.

The Silver Sangeet

The Silver Sangeet celebration started with the couple’s lively first dance and transformed into a vibrant celebration. The evening continued with a delicious meal and almost all the guests presented dance, speech or song performances. These captivating performances, unfolding throughout the night, showcased entertaining and emotionally touching moments. The couple’s eldest son skilfully hosted the entire night. As the night ended, the dimming lights created an atmosphere reminiscent of a lively party.

It was a splendid, extraordinary, warm and colorful celebration and being a part of it was truly enjoyable. We said goodbye, looking forward to capturing more beautiful moments at the upcoming Golden Sangeet for Leena and Subhash’s celebration. Here’s to their continued health and happiness.

Istanbul Indian Couple Wedding Anniversary Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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