Istanbul Giritli Restaurant Wedding Photographer

Some weddings are so enchanting that you wish they could last forever. Naşide Nur and Özgür’s wedding day was one of those magical occasions. As the clock ticked away, we found ourselves reluctant to bid farewell, not realizing that sixteen hours of capturing memories had swiftly passed. The team and I, reminiscing about the day during our morning journey home, shared a sentiment of wishing it had lingered a bit longer. You can find the rest of the article “Istanbul Giritli Restaurant Wedding Photographer” under the photos…

A Celebration of Love

Remarkably, this wedding marked one of the fastest bookings in my career. Naşide Nur’s decisiveness was evident. She swiftly reached out, inquired about my availability and within moments, secured the date with a deposit. It seemed as though she had already made up her mind before our conversation. An absolute joy for me!

The day commenced at the couple’s residence in Kabataş. It offered a breathtaking view of Istanbul stretching towards the horizon with the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea. The house was abuzz with preparations and lively anticipetion for the evening party with Nur’s sisters and friends providing delightful insights into the festivities to come.

Simultaneously, amidst the hustle and bustle, hair and makeup sessions unfolded and wedding attire was adorned. Özgür and his friends embarked on a joyous prewedding celebration at a cafe in Galataport, folowed by a visit to Özgür’s barber shop.

Reception at Giritli Restaurant

As the evening approached, we ventured into the charming streets of Cankurtaran for a brief outdoor shoot. Later, we made our way to Giritli Restaurant, an endearing shabby tavern nestled in the heart of old Istanbul. The rustic ambiance of this old Cretan tavern, concealed beneath the trees and stone walls, perfectly reflected the sincerity of the couple and their guests. The authenticity of the environment seamlessly translated into the wedding celebration where everyone reveled in nonstop joy. Special mention must be made of the unique music group, Cümbüş Cemaat. Their exceptional repertoire, sincerity, and stage presence added an extra layer of delight to the festivities.

Our night continued until midnight at Giritli, where the dance floor was alive for four exhilarating hours. Boarding a bus accompanied by the bride’s sister, Başak, who served as the MC, our next destination awaited; a party boat touring the Bosphorus. The fun continued, and when we docked around 4 in the morning, the lingering feeling of “Should we continue somewhere else?” filled the air. It was a day filled with laughter, joy and countles memorable photographs. My heartfelt thanks to Naşide Nur and Özgür for granting me the opportunity to be part of this exceptional celebration. I am truly grateful to have shared in your happiness. With warm regards.

Istanbul Giritli Restaurant Wedding Photographer by Ufuk Sarisen


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