Istanbul Family Travel Photos

Ahmad (42) and Mariam (42) came all the way from Houston, Texas to explore Istanbul with their 13 year old twin daughters, Lina and Danya. You can find the rest of the article “Istanbul Family Travel Photos” under the photos…

Mariam contacted me for a family photo shoot and shared her love for Islamic art, especially Ottoman architecture, tiles, mosaics and iconic mosques. She wanted these features to shine in the photos. With about two hours for the shoot, I suggested two routes covering Istanbul’s historical sites. One included Suleymaniye Mosque and the Golden Horn, and the other focused on Sultanahmet Square.

They picked the Sultanahmet route, featuring the German Fountain, Sultanahmet Mosque, Centeral Fountain, Hürrem Sultan Hamam, Hagia Sophia Mosque and Third Ahmet Fountain. It promised a backdrop rich in history, spanning about 1500 years.

Mariam and Ahmad were not just kind but also very cheerful. In short, it was a peaceful photo shoot. We explored historical sites together, taking a journey through time.

Things To Do in Istanbul

Istanbul is a great choice for a family trip. It’s not only budget friendly compared to many places but also offers a range of accommodations from super luxury to very afordable. Besides its historical and natural beauty, Istanbul has lots of fun activities for kids. Families can take a boat tour on the Bosphorus, visit Miniaturk with tiny versions of important historical buildings in Turkey, explore Legoland or the Koc Museum showcasing classic cars, trains, planes and ships. The Toy Museum is a fantastic dive into the world of dreams. Istanbul also has roller coasters, water parks, aquariums, concerts, theaters and many other attractions for both parents and children.

If you want me to capture your Istanbul Family Trip, just let me know 🙂 Best regards.

Istanbul Family Travel Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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