Istanbul Family Photoshoot

Meet Reene and Dennis, a British couple residing in Istanbul due to Dennis’s job at TRTWorld. They live a pleasant life with their son Elijah in their home in Besiktas. If you’d like to learn more about this lovely family be sure to check out the full article “Istanbul Family Photoshoot” which can be found under the photos.

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing this family in a documentary style photoshoot which mostly took place in their home due to Elijah’s young age. If you’re interested in seeing the photos from that shoot I’ve included the link here:

For our next shoot we decided to head outside and document the family’s holiday adventures. We had a delightful day on the streets of Istanbul with no presure to pose for the camera. I was there to capture all the spontaneus moments as they unfolded.

Abbasaga Park

Abbasaga Park was our first stop. Reene, Dennis and Elijah love spending time there and visit almost every day. Elijah was completely at home so I was able to snap a lot of natural photos. They explored tree trunks, ate on the sidewalk, played in the playground and met up with friends from the neighborhood.

Our next stop was Barbaros Coffy, a coffee shop the couple adores and where Elijah loves to indulge in donuts. We each chose our own food and drinks and sat at a table facing the street taking a breather. We then walked to Besiktas port and hopped on a boat that departed from there traveling to Üsküdar. After a short walk in the square we came back by boat. The real goal was to be on the boat and the Bosphorus which Reene, Dennis and Elijah loved as much as I do.

In Besiktas Square Elijiah performed a duet with street musicians who were playing the guitar. He had a tiny toy guitar in his hand, which made for a delightful photo. On the way back we went to Abbasoglu Park again, swung on the swings and drew pictures as a family. It was a joy for me to witness and photograph all of these moments. I wish this beautiful family all the best in their new lives. After a while Dennis will be transferred to Al Jazeera TV and they will move to Qatar. I hope to see them again soon.

Istanbul Family Photoshoot by Ufuk Sarisen


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