Hong Kong Couple’s Pre-Wedding Adventure in Cappadocia

I have been taking photos in Cappadocia for a long time and I try to take different photos with new people every time. This time, I had this opportunity with a wonderful couple from Hong Kong who came to Turkey for photo shooting. Dear Cookie and Tim contacted me with the request to have their pre-wedding outdoor shoots done. We agreed on a shooting package with them that lasted approximately 8 hours. You can find the rest of the article “Hong Kong Couple’s Pre-Wedding Adventure in Cappadocia” below the photos…

Our meeting time on the shooting day was 5:20 am in the morning at their hotel. They wanted to have photos of the balloons while they were being inflated with hot air. We were very happy that the weather conditions were suitable for the balloon flight. We arrived at the balloon take-off area on time and started waiting. It was still dark. Just before sunrise, at dusk, the light of the flame as the balloons are inflated creates a wonderful sight. This time takes 3-5 minutes at most, so you have to shoot very quickly and without errors. Of course, with the experience of shooting at these moments for years, we were able to get the results we wanted.

Balloons Are Taking Off Then

We changed our location a little and took a lot of shots while the balloons were taking off. Actually, this time, I tried two new techniques that were both a bit risky and something I had never done before. The first was to take multiple exposure shots. In other words, bringing together several separate photographs in one photograph. You do this on the camera while shooting. The other was to use long exposure and flash light to create patterns with the movement of the balloons. It was very exciting for me, both because of the limited time – the balloons stay in the air for 1 hour – and because the results were risky shots. The results of some of them were really interesting. Of course, I also took safe shots.

Our second stop was Love Valley. The balloons were still in the air and the classic car we would use for shooting was waiting for us on one of the hills here. On the other hand, we were shooting short films for them to use on social media. For this reason, they took a short trip up the hill by car. Of course, I followed the vehicle with a drone. From here on, we actually headed for a route that was not in our plan. All the balloons had landed, but 2-3 small two-person training balloons were visible in the distance. Students in Cappadocia University’s hot air balloon pilot training program were making a training flight. Since they were conducting open flight experiments, they were almost within touching distance. We did a lot of shooting, especially with the yellow one. We had a pleasant time with both students and instructors.

Second part

This balloon chase brought us to the fairy chimneys in Cavuşin. Of course, we did some shooting here. It was approaching 9 o’clock in the morning. It was time to take a breakfast break. I dropped the couple off at Henna Hotel, where they were staying, and we met again after about an hour. Cookie wore a black lace dress instead of the white wedding dress she wore in the morning. First, we went to Çavuşin Hill when the sun was at the ideal angle. We took cave shots when the sun was rising. First, we visited our cave hidden in the valley and then one of the cave churches.

Our last stop was the Ottoman room of Henna Hotel. This place has been preserved from the time it was built until today. An approximately 400-year-old Ottoman Mansion was converted into a hotel and the existing structure remained faithful to its original form. This room has not been touched at all. After the shots we made here, we took a quick shot on the street at the entrance of the hotel with the texts showing the wedding date brought by the couple, for them to use in their invitations.

Dear Cookie and Tim, after delivering the photos, they sent me a message like this. “Thank you, we loved the photos. We shared some photos with friends and families. They loved it too. I will definitely recommend you to everyone who wants to have their photos taken in Europe.” Thank you very much for this wonderful day. I wish you happiness.

Hong Kong Couple’s Pre-Wedding Adventure in Cappadocia by Ufuk Sarisen


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