Halat by Divan Koc Museum Wedding Photography

The Bride and Groom Preparation Room at Koç Museum weddings is one of the most delightful sections of the museum. It is actually the museum’s conference hall, adorned with decorative items, historical musical instruments, paintings, signs and industrial artifacts. As a photographer, this room offers a playground of creative possibilities. Taking preparatory photos here is like embarking on a journey through history. The toys and props in the room allow for extraordinary photo combinations, resulting in unique and captivating images. You can find the full article, “Halat by Divan Koc Museum Wedding Photography” below the photos.

During the wedding day of Elvan and Serdar at Halat by Divan, we had the pleasure of enjoying this room together. The couple and their families were truly wonderful and the day went by in a flash. In this article, I will also share the story of two ships at the museum that played a role in our photography.


One of these ships is the Fenerbahçe ferry, part of Rahmi Koç’s collection. After capturing the preparation shots, we utilized this ferry for our exterior photos. This 76-meter garden-type steamer was built in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1952, alongside the Dolmabahçe Ferry. A year later, it joined the Istanbul city lines fleet and primarily operated on the Princess Islands, Kadıköy and Yalova lines until 2008. Today, it serves museum enthusiasts in its restored state and its interior continues to host exhibitions. The seats of this ship undoubtedly hold countless stories of love, sorrow and happiness from its voyages.

Kont Ostrorog

The other ship I want to mention is the Kont Ostrorog, which is significantly smaller than the city lines ferry. Originally known as Velihan, it was transformed from a fishing and sponge fishing boat into a pleasure boat. This 1952 Golden Horn boat, crafted by Hürrem Usta, was restored and renamed Kont Ostrorog in 2002. The new name honors Ostrorog, a legal adviser to the Ottoman Empire who was born in Poland and served in the early 20th century. Rahmi Koç named the boat after the count when he acquired the mansion on the Bosphorus that once belonged to him.

Interestingly, on that particular day, we had the opportunity to use both ships for our photography. Prior to the wedding, we started with Kont Ostrorog, enjoying a delightful shoot and having fun on the Golden Horn with the lovely couple. This boat is also open to guests on weekdays, serving as an excursion boat in the Golden Horn.

After disembarking from the boat, we proceeded to the beach for the wedding ceremony, capturing both romantic and joyous moments against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset. Following the ceremony, we moved to the wedding area at Halat by Divan and continued celebrating until midnight. I wish Serdar and Elvan eternal happiness as they embark on this new chapter of their lives.

You can find the video from that day below created by Story Films:

Halat by Divan Koc Museum Wedding Photography by Ufuk Sarisen


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