Halat by Divan in Koc Museum Museum Wedding Photos

When Deniz contacted me, her voice exuded such positive energy that I knew we were in for a delightful experience. During Hazal and Deniz’s visit to discuss the wedding packages, our conversation veered from wedding details to life’s many joys. It felt as if two old friends had dropped by for a visit. With Deniz being a rock singer and Hazal a filmmaker, we had plenty of entertaining topics to delve into. You can find the continuation of the article “Halat by Divan in Koc Museum Museum Wedding Photos” below the photos.

This wonderful atmosphere persisted on the wedding day, particularly in the magnificent couple preparation room at Koc Museum. The room brimmed with energy, amplified by the presence of the couple’s friends. We shared many moments of joy together. While Hazal took a brief break from her makeup, we captured some fun shots with her friends just outside. After the preparations, we ventured outdoors at the museum for a photoshoot, with Hazal’s legendary white boots adding a distinctive touch.

A Sunset Boat Trip

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the day was the one-hour boat trip on the museum’s boat. Setting sail on a charming old fishing boat from Norway, you cruise along the Golden Horn. The couple can disconnect from the world for a while, focusing solely on themselves. They can indulge in food, drinks, and enjoy each other’s company. The boat then makes a grand entrance to the wedding area, accompanied by the applause of the guests. The entire process is expertly coordinated by the Halat by Divan team.

Following the wedding ceremony, the reception took place in the museum’s courtyard, adorned with classical boats. Then, an unforgettable and exuberant party unfolded. The couple’s musician friends, in particular, delivered astounding performances on stage. Deniz, naturally, joined this talented ensemble. We were treated to incredible acts throughout the night.

I’ve lost count of the number of weddings I’ve covered at Koç Museum, yet this venue never fails to captivate me. Each time, I discover something new and exciting. The museum offers limitless possibilities for photography. Moreover, when surrounded by wonderful individuals like Hazal and Deniz, the museum’s enchantment is magnified. May you both enjoy eternal happiness, beautiful people.

Halat by Divan in Koc Museum Museum Wedding Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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