Documentary Wedding Photography in Cappadocia

Having photographed in various locations around the world, I can say that Cappadocia is one of the most captivating destinations. When my couples ask for hotel recommendations, I assure them that all the options are excellent and they can choose with confidence from the hotel websites. Indeed the standards of accommodations in Cappadocia are quite high. One of the highlights of wedding shoots in this region is Sacred House. This boutique hotel is a true gem featuring stunning sculptures, paintings, remarkable architecture and a captivating light-sound ambiance. You can find the rest of the article “Documentary Wedding Photography in Cappadocia” below the photos.

Cappadocia offers an ideal setting for wedding celebrations. Many hotels serve as beautiful wedding venues and ceremonies can also take place in the valleys. It was a joyous moment when a groom, whose wedding I had captured years ago, contacted me again to photograph his brother’s wedding. Staying in people’s memories is the greatest happines for me. Koray and Irem’s wedding day was a delightful experience for our documentary photoshoot.

We began the day by capturing the moments in the bridal preparation room at Sacred House, while the couple’s friends enjoyed their time at the hotel’s cafe and terrace. Next we moved on to the groom’s prepration room. The hotel’s courtyard and exquisitely decorated interiors provided a magnificent backdrop for our couple shots. Personaly, I adored the entrance floor and the garden stairs with sculptures.

Saruhan Caravanserai

As the sun began to set, we headed to Saruhan in Ürgüp for the wedding dinner and celebrations. This caravansrai holds a special place in history as the last one built by the Seljuk Empire in the mid 13th century. Located along the Silk Road, Saruhan served as a vital hub for centuries. The name “Saruhan” is believed to be derived from the yellow stones used in its construction. This 2000 square meter caravanserai is truly a hidden treasure in Cappadocia, and I recommend experiencing the mesmerizing whirling dervishes performances held here.

Saruhan Caravansrai was adorned for the wedding, offering a visual feast for everyone present. It was a pleasure being there alongside my second photographer friend Furkan and Story Films’ Gökhan. The singer Metin Arolat graced the stage after dinner, gifting the guests a nostalgic night with his enchanting songs. Later in the night, the party continued in another section of the caravanserai, especialy for the young guests. DJ Doğuş Çabakçor gave an exhilarating performance that lasted for about 3 hours, providing us with the perfect oportunity to capture the afterparty.

We had an incredible time documenting this beautiful day. To my beloved couple, Koray and İrem, I wish you endless happiness.

Documentary Wedding Photography in Cappadocia by Ufuk Sarisen


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