Cuba Wedding Photos

Cuba Honeymoon Photo Shoot with Sanem & Bahadır

After completing wedding photography at Urza in Istanbul we were taking a breather. A couple who were checking the venue just behind me caught my eye. I don’t remember who said “hello” first but when they found out that we are not wedding photographers working for Urza, they asked for my business card. The next day they called me and after saying that they liked my work. They asked me whether I would go to Cuba, not for wedding but honeymoon photography. I naturally said “yes”.

You can read the whole story at the bottom of the page (after the photos) !….

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Actually Cuba was one of the most visited countries along with India in world of photography. There were a lot of colours and backgrounds in our minds with regard to Cuba. It would be interesting to use them. We bought our tickets and made Airbnb reservations 2 weeks before the trip.

Cuba Days

When we left the airport and took the cab with Sanem & Bahadır, we began watching around like children who went to an amusement park for the first time. I have watched everything with the same excitement for three days in Cuba. The background was absolutely extraordinary. It was like the life had stopped in 1950’s and we were in a movie set with every details like alleys and characters. The commitment of Sanem & Bahadır before the shooting was incredible.

We woke up in the morning before sunrise, toured the places we have discovered earlier. Then we continued the shooting all day long and even after it got dark by sipping our cocktails from time to time. Not being able to slow down, we have extended the shooting for one more day. One of those nights we went to the legendary Guajirito Restaurant and watched the concert of Buena Vista Social Club.

Cuba might be a wonderful place for wedding photos but it is not a classic and comfortable vacation place. There are naturally five-star facilities where you can enjoy yourself but the city always calls you and most probably, you might choose to stroll around the streets and join the locals instead of staying at a hotel.  Consequently I’ve enjoyed myself very much in Havana, Cuba even though I regret not to stay there for a couple of days more as I didn’t have time to see around.

Dear Sanem & Bahadır, Thank God we have found each other and became a guest of your honeymoon:) I wish you endless happiness.

Cuba Wedding Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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