Couple Photography in Istanbul

Mansurov is a Canadian of Uzbek descent. He and his fiancee from Uzbekistan, Robiya got married in Turkey and decided to live together in Canada. After the online meeting, we decided to do a long shoot in Istanbul one day after their official wedding. Before all of this, we chose a wedding dress for Robiya together. For both weddings and outdoor shooting. You can find the entire story of “Couple Photography in Istanbul” at the bottom of the page…

Robiya and Mansurov bought one of my VIP packages for the couple photo shoot. This is an Istanbul tour that is both comfortable and rich in content. First of all, they are taken from their hotels with a Mercedes VAN vehicle and left in the same place after the shooting. In the meantime, it has many advantages such as changing clothes, not looking for a parking place or wasting time waiting for a taxi. We can also reach far distances from each other, which are normally difficult to reach. For this reason we went out of our routine and first started shooting with Ortaköy Square. This is one of my favorite seafront spots with the view of the Bosphorus Bridge and Ortaköy Mosque in the background.

Suleymaniye and More

Our second stop was one of the terraces in Süleymaniye. Here, there is a magnificent view from the beginning of the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn, Galata to Camlıca Hill on the Anatolian side. Moreover, seagulls frequent the terrace covered with authentic carpets and rugs. There are photoshooting platforms equiped with classical Ottoman lighting and throne models in the rooms inside these terraces. While we were there we did not neglect to take short shots. Afterwards we had a pleasant shoot in the courtyard of the magnificent Süleymaniye Mosque.

Our fourth stop was Sultanahmet Square. Firstly we started with the Topkapi Palace entrance. We put the redish walls of the Hagia Sophia Mosque on the background. Then we photographed the silhouetes of the couple in the colors of the sunset in the Blue Mosque. Then we took a short break on the Galata Bridge and added this place to our shoot. On Istiklal Street, we emphasized the movement of the crowd with a long exposure camera technic and sharpened our couple with flash. Our seventh and last stop was Shangri-La Bosphorus Istanbul where the couple stayed. We ended our day by taking pleasant photos on the lobby floor of this place.

Despite the tiring but winter season, it was a very productive shooting day. I wish my beloved couple eternal happiness in their new life in Canada.

Couple Photography in Istanbul by Ufuk Sarisen


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