Cappadocia Pre Wedding Photography

Lee Yen Fong and So Khai Sian are a lovely Singaporean couple who wanted to capture their pre wedding photos in the magical surroundings of Cappadocia. They had planned a big Turkey tour and Cappadocia was a key stop on their itinerary. As their photographer, I was thrilled to assist them with their planning. So we were in constant communication throughout their travels. You can read more about their story in the article “Cappadocia Pre Wedding Photography” below the photos.

For their prewedding shoot, Lee Yen and So Khai had brought along their hairdresser and makeup artist friends from Singapore. They were incredibly helpful as they were able to touch up their looks between shots. So Khai had a total of four outfit combinations including a white wedding dress, red dress, ice blue tulle dress and a casual outfit with a denim jacket. Lee Yen had three outfit combinations including a black tuxedo, gray suit and denim jacket.


We began the shoot early in the morning, meeting at the Koza Cave Hotel where the couple and their friends were staying. With the sunrise, we first started at the Göreme balloon departure point, capturing some nice shots with the hot air baloons in the background. Then we headed back to the hotel terace to capture more photos and finally said goodbye to the balloons on the Güvercinlik valley panorama hill.


After breakfast we continued shooting, this time with a red dress and gray suit combination. We took some shots in the horse farm where Lee Yen and So Khai posed boldly with the horses running around them. So Khai even got on horseback and Lee Yen joined him for some truly romantic photos. We then headed to the old village ruins in Çavusin which provided a stuning backdrop for more photos. Finally we ended the day in the valley cave and church cave in Göreme.


We shot our third combination, the ice blue tulle dress, in the afternoon at the Argos in Cappadocia Hotel. The shoot continued at one of Göreme’s famous carpet stores and finally ended with Lee Yen and So Khai wearing denim jackets, taking the last photos in the panoramic view of Kızılcukur.

The whole shooting day lasted for nearly 13 hours but it was a truly enjoyable experience for all of us. I wish Lee Yen Fong and So Khai Sian a lifetime of love and happiness together!

Cappadocia Pre Wedding Photography by Ufuk Sarisen


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