Cappadocia Love Story Photography

Afifa and Shakho are a couple from Georgia who chose Turkey for their post-wedding photos in Cappadocia. They came to Turkey as a honeymoon location right after their wedding in Tbilisi. They preferred Ürgüp Mustafa Cappadocia Resort for accommodation. You can find the entire story of”Cappadocia Love Story Photography at the bottom of the page…

We did an outdoor photo shoot with our couple which lasted about 3 hours. We first met at their hotel at 05:45 in the morning and without wasting any time, we drove straight to Göreme. The main area where the balloons take off is my favorite starting point. The morning view of this place is worth seeing. Just before sunrise, colorful balloons start to float in the sky which is colored with shades of dark blue and orange. We enjoyed the balloons in a wonderful spring weather here.

Love Valley

Then we took a break in the sprouted green wheat fields on the way to the Love Valley. We wouldn’t be able to use this green fund that we see only in April and May. Moreover the balloons were right on our background. Then we went to the view point that overlooks the Love Valley. This place actually gets quite crowded in the morning hours. The reason is that it is the spot where you can watch the sunrise best. Hot air balloons accompany the sun rising from the middle of Kızılkayalar Hills in the background.

Our penultimate stop was the Love Valley. Here, fairy chimneys, caves and cliffs were added to the lush green grass this time. Although it was humid in the morning, our couple could sit on these grass and enjoy it. Moreover the balloons were still in the air. The reason I underline this is that we can only see the balloons for about 2 hours. It’s just at sunrise. Many of my customers think that balloons fly all day but they are not. Only after sunset when the wind is ideal for flight.

Before returning to the hotel after the balloons landed, we did not neglect to take a short cave-church shoot with our couple. I would like to thank dear Afifa and Shakho for choosing me. I wish you endless happiness.

Cappadocia Love Story Photography by Ufuk Sarisen


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