Cappadocia Destination Elopement Photographer

Gabriella and Kevin, a lovely couple hailing from New York, reached out to me. They were in search of a Cappadocia destination elopement photographer to exchange their vows in this enchanting setting. They traveled from the USA to Turkey to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of Cappadocia. Opting for the Double VIP package, one of the most delightful options in my Cappadocia shooting packages, they embarked on a 2-day adventure spanning approximately 14 hours. You can find the rest of the article “Cappadocia Destination Elopement Photographer” under the photos and video…

Cappadocia Double VIP Photo Package Highlights:

The Double VIP package encompasses a comprehensive experience, including video recording of the vows and a short social media video. Additionally, it includes the delivery of a minimum of 350 photos captured through drones and cameras. The couple is chaufeured in a VIP vehicle to 14 distinct shooting locations, enjoying lunch and drinks along the way. Exclusive privileges such as in room hair and makeup services, as well as two vibrant long-tailed dresses, add a touch of convenience. Extra services, such as classic car photography, carpet store sessions and horse farm photography are also part of the package. Notably, the Cappadocia shooting tour includes capturing the Salt Lake at sunset, an evocative shot in every sense.

Day One: Sunrise Balloon Shoot and More:

The journey commenced with picking up Gabriella and Kevin from Carus Cappadocia Hotel, capturing the magic of hot air balloons at sunrise. Amidst the balloon takeoff area, the couple exchanged their vows, providing them with a private space for these intimate moments. A visit to a horse farm followed the Love Valley exploration. It emphasized the theme of Cappadocia as the “land of beautiful horses.” The morning session, starting with the wedding dress and groom’s suit, concluded with shots in the towns of Çavuşin and Göreme.

After a much needed break for breakfast and rest, the afternoon session began with Gabriella donning a white mini dress. The vibrant backdrop of the Goreme carpet store and a hidden cave in the valley set the stage for captivating photos. The day concluded with Gabriella in a striking red long dress, capturing the warm tones of Cappadocia in Güvercinlik Valley.

Day Two: Salt Lake Adventure:

The second day commenced at noon with Gabriella in an orange dress and Kevin in a casual jacket and trousers, embarking on a picturesque journey in a cherry colored classic cabrio car. Shooting in Üçhisar preceded the venture to Tuz Lake (Salt Lake). Despite encountering a severe storm upon reaching Salt Lake, the decision to proceed with the shoot proved advantageous. The couple, against the backdrop of a dramatic sky, stood out in their vibrant attire. Special thanks to my second photographer, Judith for her excellent contributions throughout the shoot.

In closing, I extend heartfelt wishes for a lifetime of happiness to Kevin and Gabriella. It was a pleasure to capture your beautiful moments.

Cappadocia Destination Elopement Photographer by Ufuk Sarisen


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