Bodrum Caresse Wedding Anniversary Photos

Three years ago, dear Becky contacted me from Houston, USA, expressing her interest in having her daughter’s pre wedding photoshoot in Istanbul and working with me. We had a wonderful day in Istanbul capturing beautiful moments with Amira and Eric. A year later we were together again to photograph their wedding day at the Çırağan Palace in Istanbul. It was an amazing day, filled with joy and a large team celebrating their special occasion. You can find the full article, “Bodrum Caresse Wedding Anniversary Photos” below the photos.

Beautiful Bodrum Caresse Resort & Spa, The Luxury Collection

After all these memorable experiences, Becky reached out to me again, sharing that Amira and Eric wanted to commemorate their wedding anniversary with another photoshoot. This time, they desired a short photo session at Bodrum Caresse Resort & Spa where they were staying. Gökhan from Story Films was also present to create a short film.

We met at the hotel lobby around noon where I had the pleasure of seeing Amira, Eric, Becky and her husband Abdullah again. During this meeting, they surprised me with two incredible gifts from America. The first was a thick book about the life and works of Frederic Remington, a prominent artist from American history in the late 19th century, authored by James K. Bellinger. As I explored the book, they unveiled a bronze statue from a large box: A magnificent Remington bronze sculpture replica. The sculpture depicted a cowboy figure skillfully riding a rearing horse, known as “The Bronco Buster.” It was truly one of the most exceptional gifts I have ever received and I proudly display it as a special decoration in my living room.

Bodrum Caresse Resort & Spa offered a stuning backdrop for our photoshoot, allowing us to capture beautiful images inside the hotel. Before our lovely couple got too tired, we took pictures on the terrace of their hotel room and on the bridge located on the restaurant floor. The pool provided a reflective surface for some creative shots, and we also ventured down to the green area for more pictures. Later, we took a refreshing break on the beach while Amira and Eric changed outfits for our final shoot. As the sun began to set we captured more beautiful moments on the beach. The day concluded with a delightful dinner together before bidding our farewells.

I am certain this won’t be our last photoshoot together. It is our dream to visit them in Houston soon and do a family shoot, capturing moments with their baby. Looking forward to meeting them again as soon as possible.

Until then, warm regards,

Bodrum Caresse Wedding Anniversary Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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