Belgium Wedding Photos and Videography

From Istanbul to Belgium with Mesture and Shane

Mesture is a classy, polite and very beautiful Turkish girl and Shane is young and courteous Belgian gentleman with a wonderful red beard:) They came to Istanbul from Belgium for photo and video shooting before the wedding and checked in at Karakoy Rooms Hotel. We had our preparation shootings here. Then we had a photo session tour on the streets of Karaköy, Ortaköy, Galata and a city lines ferry.

Belgium Wedding Photos :

A couple of months after the shootings in Istanbul, we went to Belgium to photograph the wedding day of the couple. We met with Shane in the morning and went to a barber shop in Antwerp. To be honest, the deer head on the wall of the shop and the shaving composed a very masculine image. Then we went to the couple’s home in Wommelgem for Mesture’s preparations. Wedding was to be held in city hall which is within walking distance. We went to Hotel Radisson Blu Hasselt for reception. While we were in Belgium, we wandered a lot in the next couple of days. The bears of Brussels and chocolates of Brugge were the beautiful flavors imprinted on my mind at this destination wedding.

Dear Mesture and Shane. I wish you incredible happiness. All the best.

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Belgium Wedding Photos - brussels
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Belgium Wedding Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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