Beach Weddings Oludeniz Turkey with Carrie & Terry

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The Story of Carry and Terry’s Beach Weddings Turkey

Carrie and Terry from London, UK and have 2 lovely kids, a girl and a boy. They found Oludeniz as a destination wedding location and decided to get married here in Turkey. They came with their closest friends and almost all family to Turkey. Their wedding day really served me great moments and it was a great sample of beach weddings Turkey. We also made a short wedding film about the day.

Their photography session started in a coiffeur saloon in Fethiye Oludeniz. Then we moved to their hotel in the center for getting dressed. Then we shoot some family photos in the hotel garden. The ceremony started in Sea Horse Beach Club at sunset time. In the backdrop you the lagoon view was amazing. Then we were witnessed the emotional speech of Terry. Please check the video below.

The food, drinks and party were really great. We spent really good times there with the perfect couple and great people.

Thanks for everything again.

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