Baptism and Wedding Photography Arachova

I had the privilege of photographing the Fener Greek Patriarchate weddings of the lovely couple, Vassia and Aris, in Istanbul. Subsequently, I had the honor of capturing their wedding celebrations in Athens. Our bond stayed strong and life got even better as the couple had their special daughter, Olivia. I was there with Story Films Gökhan in Greece to take pictures and videos of Olivia’s christening, which was a very happy event. We were really excited to capture these moments. You can find the rest of the article “Baptism and Wedding Photography Arachova” below the photos.

Interestingly, the christening was set to unfold in a location somewhat unfamiliar to us: Arachova, a two hour journey from Athens. Tucked away in the mountains, Arachova is a well-known place for skiing and vacations, especially in the winter. In our conversation, Vassia aptly described Arachova, likening it to a seasonal counterpart to Mykonos. While the latter sees summer tourists, Arachova becomes a winter haven for holidaymakers.

The day before the christening, we landed in Athens, promptly comencing our drive to Arachova using a car rented from the airport. Sitting high at a thousand meters above the sea, this secret beautiful spot in central Greece has cute stone houses, small streets, and amazing views of the valleys. During our visit, we stayed in an old house. It was a quiet and relaxing place that was just right for taking it easy.

The Ancient City of Delphi

Notably, the ancient city of Delphi is conveniently close, a mere 15 minute journey away. Our visit to this historic site extended over half a day, culminating in witnesing the enchanting sunset. Delphi, situated on the southwestern side of Parnassus mountains, held immense religious signifcance in ancient times, revered for its worship of Apollo and Athena. It also served as a paramount center for prophecy in the ancient Greek world.

Having indulged in exploration and cultural immersion, the christening day arrived. We congregated at the Church of Agios Georgios in Arachova – a rendezvous that felt like a reunion with cherished friends. The bonds forged during the prior weddings in Istanbul and Athens had solidified, making us feel an integral part of the extended family. It was here that we documented the baptism of the adored Olivia. Her calm and happy personality showed through her peaceful manner and bright smiles, making the experience really enjoyable.

Feast at the Tavern

An essential part of the ceremony involves hosting a banquet for the guests post baptism. For this purpose, we convened at Kaplanis Taverna, a short stroll from the church. Here, the spirit of celebration continued with delectable food, flowing wine, harmonious songs, and spirited dancing. The tavern, nestled beneath a majestic plane tree, gifted us with a panoramic view of the valley. We utilized this picturesque seting to capture group photographs, etching the memory of this joyous ocsassion against the backdrop of nature’s elegance. As the sun began its descent, we bid farewell to the family and guests around 5 pm.

Even though this part is finishing, I believe our journey isn’t over yet. To Vassia, Aris, Olivia and the extended family; I eagerly anticipate our paths crossing again in the near future. With heartfelt affection and best wishes.

Baptism and Wedding Photography Arachova by Ufuk Sarisen


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