Adana Couple Photoshoot

Emma and Hady are a couple from Beirut, Lebanon, who chose Turkey for their destination wedding. As a location, they chose a city that we are not used to hearing about, but which I love very much; Adana. You can find the rest of the article “Adana Couple Photoshoot” below the photos…

Actually, our plan was to photograph the entire wedding at first, but then the couple changed their mind and wanted to take only an outdoor shot the day after the wedding. They had a small-scale wedding ceremony held at the hotel among the family. We met with our beloved Emre Nesli, who lives in Mersin, at Sheraton Adana, where the couple stayed for the shoot. Of course, after meeting, I asked the curious question: Why Adana?

Actually, I thought they had a connection with Adana from the past. Relatives must have been from here, or they must have come here before for holiday or business and loved it very much. The answer was none of these. While doing research on Turkey, they found the hotels here reasonable in terms of price and performance and when they examined the city on the internet, they had a positive impression. They really liked it when they came to the city.

From Beirut to Seyhan

In fact, this introduction in the lobby turned into a long conversation and unfortunately we had to cut it short so that we could go to the shooting. However, thanks to this city tour we did on foot, we still had the opportunity to talk from time to time. They are both teachers and had a hard time when the state seized their bank accounts due to the economic crisis in Lebanon. They came to our country to get married under all these conditions.

Our first stop for shooting was Taşköprü Bridge on the Seyhan River. In the background was the magnificent Sabancı Central Mosque with 6 minarets and palm trees. Then we turned into one of the parks by the river. From there we walked towards Kazancılar Bazaar. We used the water particles created by the backlight of the car wash we saw on the road. We both cooled down a bit and had fun. Our last stop was the Ulu Mosque complex. We completed the final by sipping our tea.

We wish endless happiness to his love Emma and Hady.

Adana Couple Photoshoot by Ufuk Sarisen


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