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In the heart of Istanbul, where different cultures meet and histories come together, I had the joy of capturing a significant family gathering for Suzi Pratt and her extended family. Mixing the charm of Seattle with Bulgaria’s rich heritage, this event marked the first meeting between Suzi’s 2-year-old son and his Bulgarian relatives. In the beautiful city of Istanbul, we created lasting memories all together. You can find the rest of the article “Istanbul Lifestyle Photography” under the photos…

Preparation and Excitement:

Before the shoot, Suzi shared her vision – a set of family photos capturing the joy of their reunion, the laughter of three cousins playing, and individual family portraits. As the Seattle-based family, including a jet-lagged 2-year-old, prepared to meet their Bulgarian counterparts, Suzi emphasized the need for flexibility in timing to keep the little one in good spirits.

The Day Unfolds:

At the shooting day, promising to create lasting memories against the backdrop of Istanbul’s historic beauty. Both families gathered, ready for a visual journey of togetherness. The atmosphere was familial and festive, blending Bulgarian traditions with the laid back vibe of the Pacific Northwest.

Candid Moments:

The session began by capturing candid moments of the entire family. Then, laughter echoed through the historic streets as the cousins played, forming a bond that went beyond distances. The city’s iconic landmarks provided a picturesque setting.

Individual Family Portraits:

Transitioning seamlessly, we moved on to individual family portraits. The Seattle family, with Suzi, Martin, and their 2-year-old Julian, radiated warmth emblematic of their Pacific Northwest roots. Meanwhile, the Bulgarian contingent, Valentin, Vyara, Iskren, and the youngest, 3.5-year-old Momchil, showcased a proud display of their cultural heritage against Istanbul’s timeless backdrop.

Flexibility and the Joy of Spontaneity:

Flexibility in timing was crucial, especially with a jet-lagged toddler in tow. We took breaks when needed, ensuring the little one remained cheerful and engaged throughout the session. This approach allowed for a more relaxed atmosphere, resulting in photographs that captured genuine smiles and authentic connections.

The Istanbul Magic:

Istanbul, with its seamless blend of history and modernity, acted as an enchanting canvas for our session. From the vibrant colors of the Blue Mosque to the timeless allure of the Hagia Sophia Mosque, every corner of the Sultanahmet square contributed to the visual narrative of this family’s story.

Istanbul Lifestyle Photography by Ufuk Sarisen


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