Istanbul Family Photographer

I really think taking pictures of families in a natural way, showing bits of their everyday life, is super important. There’s something special about capturing the genuine and regular moments of family communication, moments that are one of a kind and can’t be repeated. Once, I spent a day in Istanbul with a big and friendly family. You can read the whole story about the “Istanbul Family Photographer” below the pictures…

Interestingly Zeynep didn’t contact me at first for this kind of photo session. She, her Italian husband Marco and their little daughter Iren Matilde lived abroad. They came to Turkey to visit Zeynep’s mother, Nurçin where her brother Ömer was also present. Additionally Nurçin’s assistant Dilber and Zeynep’s assistant Lilia were part of the lively family gathering. In other words it was a busy and warm family setting. For this visit, Zeynep wanted portraits and group photos both at home and outdoors. I agreed but with one condition: along with the souvenir photographs, I wanted to document their life at home. They kindly agreed.

At Home and in Yıldız Park

First, I set up the lighting at home and took group shots with the whole family against a suitable background. I captured all posible combinations in two different settings and lighting conditions. This covered the technical and functional parts of the job. Now, it was time to photograph the natural moments of life at home. The grandmother and grandson painted together and later, the father and uncle played with Iren Matilde. I had the oportunity to document an hour of life at home.

Afterward we all took a stroll in Yıldız Park near the house. After some playtime for the grandmother and her grandchild at the playground, I said goodbye to the entire family. Witnessing and documenting the beautiful memories of three generations together was truly enjoyable for me. I wish happiness and health to this lovely family.

Istanbul Family Photographer by Ufuk Sarisen


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