Our Son: CAN… Family Documentary Photos

New Member To The Family

I reckon this is the most difficult article for me to write. I don’t remember how many times I wrote it, how many times deleted and restarted. It is definitely not possible for one to put their love for their child into words. What could one write? “Aww, so sweet, so smart, so cute, he is my everything, I would do anything for him, my life is much more beautiful now, he is my miracle etc.” All of these fall short. His mother calls him “My honey pie, sweet muffin”. Calling him “Can” is not quite enough (Meanwhile, “Can” pronunciation in Turkish looks like John in English).

Can is with us since 1 September 2016. Thank God, he didn’t tire and upset us for now. On the contrary, he always put a smile on our faces whenever we looked at him. I think we only have one wish regarding him: always having a smile on his face.

Family Documentary Photos

We never shared Can’s photos till today. If you ask me the reason, I really don’t know. Maybe it was not the right time, maybe I might have wanted to have some more photos so that the story would take a good form. My friend Hasret shot our and Can’s photos on his birth day but I also shot a few photos.  The photos in delivery room were shot by the hospital photographer but there was a commotion and I don’t know who he was. Nevertheless, he did a good job. After returning home, Basak and I have pressed the shutter whenever it occurred to us.

Technical Note:

We always had Fujifilm X-pro2 and 23 mm at our hands. But we used Canon5d MarkIII on his birth day. The hospital photographer used Nikon D7000.

Izmir Egepol Hastanesi
bebek ile ilk bulusma
can i olcuyorlar
Dogum sonrasi
can in ilk gunu
can sarisen
Can ile ilk gün
aile belgeseli
cesme de aile cekimi
can bebe
Cesme de bebek fotografi
biberon ve baba
can sarisen cesme
can sarisen bebek foto
anne ve bebe
Izmir aile cekimi
can evinde ailesi ile
baba ve oglu
babasi ile oynayan bebek
canim oglum seni cok seviyorum
canım oglumu yikiyoruz.
kokun cok guzel be canim
bebek ayagi
canim oglum benim
guzelbahce deki evimizdesin oglum
canim seni yikamak cok zevkli
gozlerini yerim senin canim oglum
artik ufak aksiyonlarimiz var
bu ana kucagini genelde cok sevdin
canim bebegim benim, sen herseyimizsin bizim

Family Documentary Photos by Ufuk Sarisen + Basak Sarisen + Hasret Kanmaz + an Unknown Photographer


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