Destination Wedding in Istanbul Princess Island

Destination Wedding in Istanbul Princess Island with Anne and Mark – Cinematography Turkey

Anna from Iran and Mark from the States married in Istanbul Princess Island. Because of the accommodation availability for the guest from Middle East, Europe and US the selected Istanbul.

Their wedding was in Naya House at Buyukada Island. It was a great choice for a small destination wedding. It has great garden and panoramic view.

Lets listen their story from the couple:

Why wedding in Turkey?

To accommodate family from the Middle East, Europe and the U.S.

How was your day?

The wedding week was great! The wedding day was stressful and exhausting but really fun.

How did you organized all, or did you use a wedding planner?

Being in a different country, we did as much as possible online before we go there. Luckily we had the wedding on the grounds of the house we were staying at and began organizing, preparing and planning 4 days before at the location. That really saved us since we didn’t have a wedding planner and had never been to the location before.

What is the funniest, worst, most interesting and emotional moments of the day?

Having young kids there helped to make it fun, along with the speeches that turned into long stories. Having the older generation there made it emotional. The most interesting was seeing the two families meet for the first time. The worst was the stress we put on ourselves to make sure everyone was happy.

How did you choose the videographer?

I work with a girl in the US who used to live in Istanbul and she contacted a friend there who gave us some referrals. One of those referrals had some really nice videos that he had done in the past that we liked.

What are your advises to the couples who will marry abroad?

If at all possible, rent a house for a week and have as many family stay there as possible.

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