North Cyprus Wedding DiFigaro

Wedding of Ayse and Ray in Di Figaro

Di Figaro is a wonderful seaside restaurant and bar in Karaoglanoglu region of Girne. This is a rather unusual venue due to its architecture resembling mediaeval castles. All the more amazing thing is that the second floor of the building is the residence of the owners of the venue. The location and terrace view of the house is really incredible. It is a wonderful place to live. Likewise, Di Figaro is a unique venue for weddings.

We began our shooting in the wedding preparation room of dear Ayşe. Then we have photographed Ray’s grooming. Our first meeting took place here. We strolled around the old streets decorated with magnificent architectures in Girne for the exterior shooting and run back to Di Figaro’s terrace for sunset. The wedding ceremony was both emotional and entertaining. We never felt the famous hotness of Girne during the night party thanks to the Mediterranean breeze.

North Cyprus Wedding Difigaro

Cyprus is an island offering magnificent options to a wedding photographer. Maybe the most important element here is the human factor along with the natural beauties, historical texture and folkloric elements of the island. What I like most about North Cyprus is the helpful and hospitable people. I don’t know if it is coincidence or not but I get along very well with the people in North Cyprus. Their common values are generally the same and I like those values very much.

Those people blended contemporary, modern and traditional structures very well. It is easy to see the emotional and enthusiastic nature of Mediterranean Sea in the island. And I think this reflects to the photographs. Me and couples from Cyprus understand each other very well and I feel like having a beautiful day with my friends at the shootings. We try to keep in touch as much as possible afterwards.

Ayse and Ray live in England and I definitely know that either they will find me here or I will find them there. A couple having wonderful hearts… Be very happy!

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North Cyprus Wedding Difigaro – Ufuk Sarışen


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