Kuzguncuk Yanik Mektep Wedding Photos

We started the wedding day shoot in Istanbul at Burcu’s family home in Göztepe. We awaited Göker and his friends for the Turkish bride taking ceremony. Meanwhile, I had the chance to meet the family. We then went to Burcu’s room where she was getting ready to leave. The act of leaving your room, your belongings and your family home where you’ve lived for years can be emotional. So I captured Burcu’s thinkfull mood and took some details of the room. The first black and white photograph below captures this feeling. You can find the rest of the article “Kuzguncuk Yanik Mektep Wedding Photos” under the photos.

Here is the video of the day created by Story Films:

When Göker arrived with flowers everyone’s faces lit up with smiles. Due to the ongoing pandemic we avoided gathering inside the house and went outside instead. The drum and zurna team were waiting for us there. In Turkish weddings the couple leaving the house is similar to the couple walking down the aisle after the ceremony. Relatives and friends line up on both sides and shower the couple with confetti, candy, money, etc. Then the music starts and the dancing continues until the couple gets into the car.

After leaving home we visited Burcu’s grandmother who couldn’t attend the wedding due to the pandemic. Her waving hands to the couple from the balcony became one of the iconic photos of the day. Indeed that period was a time of strange situations in our lives. And we witnesed many interesting things during this times. Afterward we went to the house in Erenköy where Burcu and Göker will live. I used my favorite flash modifiers during hair and makeup. The result was satisfactory. After Göker’s preparation we headed to Yanik Mektep.

Yanik Mektep (Burn School)

Yanik Mektep is located in Kuzguncuk, a historical neighborhood on the Anatolian side of Istanbul by the Bosphorus. It’s a charming and quiet neighborhood with a small town feel. The area is famous for its photogenic streets, Ottoman era wooden houses and multicultural atmosphere. It’s a peaceful neighborhood where mosques, churches, and synagogues coexist. The wedding venue, Yanık Mektep is named after a Greek school for girls that burned down in 1865. The wedding ceremony was straightforward and beautiful. The trio of accordion, semi-flute and violin in the greenery created a lovely ambiance. The ceremony was emotional.

We took outdoor shots of Burcu and Göker from a distance, against the backdrop of the sea and the Karaburun region of İzmir. Overall it was a delightful day both during the wedding and the outdoor shoot. I wish the couple a lifetime of happiness and good health.

Kuzguncuk Yanik Mektep Wedding Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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