Istanbul Sile Wedding Photos

Sile Mad Sea Beach Hotel Wedding Photos

We have decided with dear Sanem and Caner to shoot pre wedding photo session in Sile two days prior to the wedding. It was a weekday but their 14 close friends accompanied us. Sile coast was very crowded because of the season we were not comfortable with any place. My wife’s aunt came to our rescue. The bay in Sile where their housing estate is located was closed to public and I directed the whole team there. We had a fun day with bridesmaids and best men. But a very bad surprise was waiting for us on the wedding day; there was a heavy rain.

Wedding Day

Sile Mad Sea Beach Hotel is a perfect place to shoot wedding photos and we didn’t waste it despite the adverse weather condition. We did photo session under the heavy rain. To be honest with you, the wind bellowing from Black Sea made us a bit dizzy. A huge tent was set up for the wedding party and it was so nice as far as I am concerned. Just when the wedding ceremony was being performed, the rain stopped and we managed to continue the wedding on the shore just like the couple was dreaming.

I wish endless happiness to dear Sanem and Caner.

sile dugun

Istanbul Sile Wedding Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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