Istanbul Ajia Hotel Wedding Photos – Nalan and Rui

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From Portugal and Netherlands to Turkey

Nalan from Turkey and Rui from Portugal. They are a couple living in Amsterdam. They have chosen Nalan’s hometown, Istanbul, for their wedding. The venue was one of the most beautiful places on Bosphorus, Ajia Hotel. After the preparations in modernized historic rooms of the hotel we went to the seaside yard for wedding. Wedding was held here, in a plain but elegant setting prepared by La Maison des Fleurs. Then we shot group photos with all guests.

We have worked and had fun till early hours of the morning during the dinner at the restaurant of hotel and at the after party. Especially party was so joyous. I think liveliness of guests from many countries also had an impact on this joy.

I wish endless happiness to dear Nalan and Rui.

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 Istanbul Ajia Hotel Wedding Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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