Iranian Couple Photography in Istanbul

Kimia and Meysam are a couple who live in Tehran, Iran. They came to Istanbul after their wedding for a photo shoot and I spent a full day with them. They told me what they wanted and where they wanted to go, so we made a solid plan and started our tour. You can find the rest of the article “Iranian Couple Photography in Istanbul” under the photos…

Apart from the classic “old town” they had three basic requests. They wanted to be photographed at Dolmabahçe Palace, a green park and a terrace with seaguls and city views. Although there were many alternatives for the terrace and park, Dolmabahce Palace was not very likely. Unfortunately photography was not allowed for wedding dresses and groom suits. However, it was possible to enter with ordinary clothes and take touristic shots of course without flash and tripod. In this case, I offered them a quick shot in front of the ostentatious side door on the Besiktas coastal road where the soldiers used to stand guard. Unfortunately an officer came and prohibited shooting so we returned to our vehicle with only a few photos.

The Street Cat

We started our shooting in Sultanahmet Square first thing in the morning where there were relatively few tourists. After finishing our shoot in front of Topkapi Palace we returned to our van and found a street cat enjoying the vehicle. We included the cat in our shoot and continued shooting in the garden of the magnificent Süleymaniye Mosque.

We took pleasant shots on one of the terraces in Galata using the background of seagulls, Istanbul scenery and Galata Tower. Finally, we went to Yıldız Park as our final destination.

Meysam had a lot of fun during the shooting and even entertained us. They both did a great job. I wish them a healthy and happy life.

Iranian Couple Photography in Istanbul by Ufuk Sarisen


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