Indian Family Photography in Cappadocia

Mitu, one of our guests who found me through my contact page recently visited Cappadocia with his wife Pavel and 15 year old son. Mitu reached out to me to capture some beautiful family photos and I was more than happy to oblige. The family was of Indian origin and living in the USA. You can find more about our memorable day in the rest of the “Indian Family Photography in Cappadocia” article below.

As always, we started with meticulous planning. The day before the photo shoot, Mitu rented a playful red and white dress with flowers all over it from a local rental dress store. The next morning we captured some nice photos of the family with the hot air balloons in the background during sunrise in Goreme. Next we went to Love Valley where we watched the sunrise and took more pictures.


Our next stop was Pasabaglari where the unique landscape offered an unusual yet fantastic background for some memorable shots. We then headed to Doga Horse Range. Then we rented a white horse and took some pleasant shots with the family. As they changed their clothes, we experimented with different colors for some photos.

Finally we visited one of the carpet stores where I had the chance to use my drone to capture some aerial shots of the family. Cappadocia’s diverse landscapes and unique terrain make it a fantastic location for aerial photography. We droped off the family at the Carus Cappadocia Hotel where they were staying, after a wonderful shooting day.

It was a pleasure to spend time with this beautiful family and capture some memorable photos of their visit to Cappadocia.

Indian Family Photography in Cappadocia by Ufuk Sarisen


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