Year 2019 was incredible! My journey as a destination wedding photographer has brought me to beautiful locations in 8 countries and within my country (18 cities). I was blessed to travel a total distance of 73.100 km (45.422 miles) by road, railway, sea and air. I met amazing new couples, made new friends and visited the old ones. It was a pleasure to work with all my clients and created 220.000 RAW images in a year.

It was an honour to be invited as a speaker in Fearless Conference in Aachen, Germany. Sharing my experences in front of many great wedding photographers from all around the world was wonderfull experience.

I am greatful that all the tickets for my workshops were sold out within 2 hours. More workshops are coming up soon!

Thank you to all my family, couples, friends, collaborators, colleagues and all photographers community!

Now please play the video below with high volume! Enjoy watching… BEST PHOTOS OF THE YEAR!

Wedding Photographer Ufuk Sarisen


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