My photo from Istanbul “The Best Honeymoon Photos Of 2015”

One of my photograph choosen as one of the best honeymoon photos of 2015

Thanks to Flytographer that they chose one of my honeymoon photos as one of the best. My couple Kellyane and Kyle from very far away, Trinidad and Tobacco. They came to Istanbul for honeymoon and decided to worked with me via Flytographer. I wish you a happy and cheerful life forever.

[widecontent background_color=”#d9d9d9″ background_position=”50% 50%” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding_top=”50px” padding_bottom=”50px” font_color=”#222222″ font_size=”16px” centered=”no”] …”The Best Honeymoon Photos Of 2015

This beautiful couple decided that for their honeymoon, they wanted to go on the trip of a lifetime and experience the rich cultures of Barcelona and Istanbul. Starting their adventure by exploring the side streets and landmarks of Istanbul, Flytographer Ufuk captured the beginning of their European getaway!”  … [/widecontent]

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