American Couple’s Istanbul Vacation Photos

The message I received from Samantha read: “Jon and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary in Turkey and we would love for you to capture the memories we’ll make in Istanbul!” Unlike my other shoots, we didn’t have much time to discuss details because they had just boarded a plane from Indiana, USA. Moreover two days later we were already shooting in Istanbul. We had approximately 2 hours for the shoot due to their busy schedule. You can find the full article, “American Couple’s Istanbul Vacation Photos” below the photos.

Samantha and Jonathan were staying at the Hagia Sofia Mansions in Istanbul. We met on Eminonü seafront near Karaköy Pier which was close to their hotel. It was a chilly afternoon but luckily they came prepared with coats and warm clothes. We began the shoot with some seaside photos atempting to attract seagulls with bagels but unfortunately they weren’t interested in the cold weather.

Snow Storm

As we walked towards Galata Bridge, a sudden snowstorm began. We quickly snapped a snow photo in front of the Yeni Mosque. Then continued taking photos on the bridge and in front of the “fish and bread” boats. Despite the falling snow, Samantha and Jonathan’s joy and happiness shone through in the photos. I always appreciate working with positive people.

Our next stop was the magnificent Süleymaniye Mosque designed by Mimar Sinan. We took many photos in the inner courtyard and garden which had an extraordinary view. The colors were truly exceptional with darkening clouds in the distance turning from black to gray and white signaling the approach of a blizzard. At the same time, the sunlight was miraculosly reflecting on the couple, creating a beautiful effect that I doubt I’ll be able to recreate. We were truly fortunate.

I wish Samantha and Jonathan all the happiness in their 15 years together and hope to capture their future anniversary celebrations as well. With love….

American Couple’s Istanbul Vacation Photos by Ufuk Sarisen


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