Top 5 Best Night Clubs in Istanbul

Ufuk Sarisen Choice:) Top 5 best Night Clubs in Istanbul

As a wedding photographer many foreign couples are asking me about the night life of Istanbul. To answer all the questions and needs, I made a top 5 list below.

Many people says that, Istanbul has the best nightlife in Europe. Believe me that it is not an urban legend. There are hundreds of local and international bar and clubs. Because of its location, between Asia and Europe you can both find oriental and western style or mixed ones. If you want to listen great concerts you can also check Istanbul event halls calendar. You can choose from classics like Metallica, Deep Purple, U2, Madonna to new generation stars like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, One Direction.

Here is my Top 5 best Night Clubs in Istanbul list. Enjoy there when you come.


Located in Ortakoy, near Bosphorus so specially during the summer it is the best place for dinner and clubbing in its open air venue. It has great Bosphorus Bridge view and DJs. You can not go there with shorts, sport shoes, flip flops etc.. If it is full when you go you can try same style club Sortie right next to Reina.



One of the best panoramic view of the old city from its terrace. It is the famous district of Istiklal and has a great mediterranean restaurant, dance shows, dj performance etc.



Located in the centre of Asmalimescit district with many other clubs, bars and restaurants. This place actually a concert and event hall. Before you go it is better to check their web page about the events. You can easily find a world wide famous rock concert, jazz performance, Turkish alternative bands, World music performance, theatre and dance shows, video art performances and many more.


It is really an unique club in terms of decoration, music and shows. You can get dinner with funny drag queen shows and Turkish songs and club sounds. Also popular within Turkish people.



One of the most elegant club right next to Ortakoy Square. It is in seaside at Bosphorus and many elegant guest come to club piers by their boats. Dj plays Turkish and English club and electronic music.


photos by ufuk sarisen


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