Turkey Documentary Family Photographer with Australian Families

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The Travel of Three Australian Families to Turkey

Alana, Jan & Dawid (1), Marita, Ryno & Olivia (1), Lize & Pieter & Sophia (1) are three families who came to Turkey for holiday. The parents know each other since their childhood years. They have all married the same year. Each family has a one year old baby. When they have reached me via Flytographer, they’ve asked me “to photograph their fun and natural moments, the dialogue between the families and surely, their babies in front of Sultanahmet”. Thus, I have decided to take photos as if I was shooting a documentary.

We have strolled around Sultanahmet Mosque together with the children, went shopping, took a breather in a cafe and I’ve tried to reflect all these moments to photos in a natural way.

I wish everlasting happiness to these three families who came from afar.

Turkey Documentary Family Photographer by Ufuk Sarisen

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