Turkey Documentary Family Photographer with Australian Families

The Travel of Three Australian Families to Turkey

Alana, Jan & Dawid (1), Marita, Ryno & Olivia (1), Lize & Pieter & Sophia (1) are three families who came to Turkey for holiday. The parents know each other since their childhood years. They have all married the same year. Each family has a one year old baby. When they have reached me via e-mail they’ve asked me “to photograph their fun and natural moments, the dialogue between the families and surely, their babies in front of Sultanahmet”. Thus, I have decided to take photos as if I was shooting a documentary.

We have strolled around Sultanahmet Mosque together with the children, went shopping, took a breather in a cafe and I’ve tried to reflect all these moments to photos in a natural way.

I wish everlasting happiness to these three families who came from afar.

Turkey Documentary Family Photographer by Ufuk Sarisen


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