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Originally developed as a hobby, my desire is to tell stories with my photos and travel, which later developed into a professional career. Being able to view the whole picture and not just a single moment in time allows for a strong impression of emotions felt.

Although seen as separate branches, the trip itself and the documenting of photographs and stories require serious studying and planning. The trail of the photographer needs to be determined and how to approach the subject in a way that captures their story and emotions. I strive to prepare and write an article with the same discipline as a screenwriter, with accurate and reliable information. I will interview as many people as possible and have them stare directly at the topic and the relevant and important issues.

One of the most important things behind editorial photography is experience. As the photographer you need to capture the emotion of the person in front of the camera or the beauty of the place. Sometimes I am there to capture photos and answer a question raised by the article or sometimes I am there to show that some questions need to remain unanswered.

The editorial photography experience at Atlas Magazine contributed a great deal to my development. This creative and free thinking helped me branch out into all areas of photography.


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